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How clever is BB? Four features to give you the answer [Abstract] we believe that after the birth of each child is unique, not clever and stupid, but some children do have in some aspects of nature’s attractions, we look at what traits of children smarter. 1, full of curiosity at birth, clever child may be more alert than other children. Some children can raise their heads for a moment from the start, as if they were looking around and having a strong curiosity about life. 2, sensitive, quick response, a sensitive, quick response of the baby is often very clever. You’ll feel it when you hold him. If he seems to avoid something, it means that he can distinguish between what makes him happy, what is not, which is the beginning of psychological activity. The more sensitive a baby is, the easier it is to be satisfied. 3, the sooner you will laugh, the sooner the children laugh, the more likely they are. Although this is not a completely credible sign, it is a symbol. Babies who start laughing early often become bright and lively children. 4, the physical quality is very clever children at birth is often larger, heavier, but not all. The reason is that a larger number of healthy babies are more likely to be born to mothers who have good nutrition and care during pregnancy. These mothers are also more likely to give their children the best education and help at home, which will be shown later in the intelligence test. Heavier babies may also have a psychological advantage in life, have a better physical quality, and therefore more reasonable than other children. The above four points are the features can be found in daily life, parents should keep in mind, don’t miss the best time of children intellectual development and potential development, and miss opportunities to make children more intelligent. Small series of words: in fact, every child has its own advantages, as the saying goes: the world is not the lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty. As long as we polish his eyes, will be able to see the baby’s reason.相关的主题文章:

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