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How does the museum correctly accept donations and how to treat the donors? What museums and donors have what rights and obligations? This is a reflection of Pang Laichen descendants sued the Nanjing Museum infringement case for the people. In 1950s, Suzhou pan posterity Panda Yu generously donated two grams Ding into a well. Return to the museum donations of respect, to come forward to solve their difficulties in life, in the occasion of the 100th birthday celebration. Chen Kelun deputy director of the Shanghai Museum as the original words, the museum donations should seriously treat donations to seriously. In 2004, the Shanghai Museum held a "pan to donate, Ding Yu Ting he review Exhibition" Panda (in) at the museum accept social donation is the rich and perfect collection of necessary channels. Early in the last century at the beginning of 50s, before the Shanghai Museum has not been established, it has been gradually to collectors (future) Shanghai Museum donated cultural relics, cultural relics collection of Shanghai museum is a part from social donation. Shanghai Museum exhibition in Shanghai thanks to the nameplate of Coin Museum exhibition hall in the expression to the cultural relics donor Museum, you can see a lot of cultural relics is named after the name of the donor Museum, such as temporary building ceramics museum, two Museum of painting and calligraphy with Xuan, Zhi Chen, Zhuang Zhigang, Zhuang Ming and Qing furniture museum, Du Weishan, Tan Duanyan hidden old Silk Road coin special room application of Jiagan old Tibet coin special rooms etc.. In 90s, it is located in the people’s Square Shanghai museum was also as the new museum in the building, the two sides specially reserved name wall, from the previous Bo hall so far all donated the construction of cultural relics and funded to the Shanghai Museum of donors and sponsors in the name, from both sides of the wall on the blog. Chen Kelun, deputy director of the former Shanghai Museum in an interview with the surging news reporter, said: on the Bo treatment of donations is very careful to treat donations very seriously. Donations should be given in the name of the donor, no matter where they are, including the showroom, the temporary exhibition, the exhibition abroad, and even the publication of the book." Shanghai Museum of all these moves is to reflect on the donor’s respect for cultural relics. "Shanghai Museum collectors made a lot of friends, but we never take the initiative to invite others to donate relics. The museum is organized and operated to be recognized by collectors, so that collectors feel that his collection in the museum can play a greater role, they will actively donate." Chen Kelun said. According to Chen Kelun introduction, Shanghai museum to receive social donations mainly concentrated in the two peaks, one in early 1950s, and the other is the end of 1970s and early 1980s. At the beginning of the 1950s, many collectors were willing to give their collections to the government for their liberation. Another is the peak of the "Cultural Revolution" after the end, some collectors of artifacts have been Chaogu, after the Cultural Revolution ended, according to the national policy, the Shanghai Museum participated in the raid supplies back, can be said that as long as all have returned the accounts available, collectors and collectors compared later moved, there are a number of collectors what will his initiative donated to the Shanghai Museum, they think to much better than their custody custody. The Shanghai museum is receiving cultural relics相关的主题文章:

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