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How much is the standard of social maintenance in Fujian? On the 18 day of this month, Beijing began to conduct a January consultation on the management of the city’s social maintenance fee collection. In the new China Network (WeChat public number: cns2012), the reporter combed all the policy documents and found that more than 20 provinces have defined the standard of social support fee for the phenomenon of "over life". The standards of many areas are linked to the income and occupation of the excess population, and the expropriation of excess birth and bigamy over 3 births is increased. More than 20 provinces clear social compensation fee levied on the new standard before the decision of Beijing Municipal People’s Government on the revision of the "Beijing social compensation fee collection management approach" (Draft) began in the Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government’s official website for public comment. The change of the abolition of the original terms in violation of the provisions of the birth of the second child married or unmarried children of citizens social compensation fee collection regulations to do not comply with the provisions of the birth of the third and more than three children born out of wedlock couples or third and three of their children to citizens, every birth of a children 3 to 10 times, according to the collection released by the Municipal Statistics Department of urban residents or rural residents per capita disposable income. According to the reporter’s incomplete statistics, since the "two child policy" was officially launched, 29 provinces in Xinjiang have revised the family planning ordinance in addition to the two places in Xinjiang and Taiwan. For the problem of "super life penalty", there are 21 provinces, including Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, besides the Beijing which is seeking advice. In the revised population and Family Planning Ordinance, the standard of social support fee has been defined. In addition, Shanghai stipulates that the social maintenance fee should be paid in accordance with the State Council’s "measures for the management of the collection of social support" and the relevant provisions of the Municipal People’s government. Tianjin, Jiangxi, Qinghai, Gansu and other provinces are clear that the administrative measures for the collection and management of social maintenance fees are formulated by the provincial or municipal people’s governments. In accordance with the regulations on the management of the expropriation of social maintenance fees in Yunnan, Yunnan is required to levy social maintenance fees on both husband and wife. In the new regulations, Guangxi did not specify a specific expropriation method. Different parts of different parts of the standard are not the same as the income level of the excess population and the collection standards of social maintenance fees in different places. For example, for violation of regulations, there are more than 1 children. Hubei, Henan, Sichuan, Shandong, Hebei, Chongqing, Fujian, Shaanxi and other provinces collect the social support fee which is less than 3 times the base number. Among them, Hubei, Henan, Sichuan and Shandong collect social maintenance fee according to 3 times of the base number, and Hebei collect 2.5 times the social support fee according to the base number of the levy; Chongqing, Fujian and Shaanxi collect 2 times to 3 times the social support fee according to the base number. In addition, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou and other places of social maintenance fee collection standards are also linked to the income level or occupation of the super students. For example, Guangdong clear, urban residents bounce a child, on both sides by the local county (city, district) or prefecture level cities without a district of urban residents last year (residents) per capita disposable income as the base, a one-time charge of 3 times more than 6 times the social compensation fee, my real income last year higher than the local county (city, district) urban residents last year (residents) per capita disposable income, the exceeding part should also be in accordance with the above 1 times and 2 times the social compensation fee charged. Guizhou regulations, individual industrial and commercial households and private business owners and engaged in other types of business activities of the staff, according to the county (city, district) of rural residents a year per capita disposable income and per capita disposable income of urban residents is 4 times less than 10 times the social compensation fee levied. The policy of "multiple births and more punishments" has been adopted. When developing the standard of social support fee collection, many regions have adopted the "multiple birth and multiple punishment" measures, which has increased penalties for over 3 births. For example, in the newly revised birth control ordinance of Hebei, it is stipulated that fourth children who do not comply with the relevant regulations of the regulations have to add one hundred percent to the amount of third children they earn, and the amount of money that they earn for fifth or more children will be progressively accumulated. Anhui also proposed regulations do not meet the third child, by the people’s government at the county level population and family planning administrative departments respectively, each of the couples, according to the county (city, district) 5 times a year town or rural residents per capita disposable income of the collection of social maintenance fees; annual family income per capita more than the actual residents per capita disposable income doubled, according to the actual annual household income per capita five times the social compensation fee collection. Every more child has one more child, and the social maintenance fee is expropriate by 5 times in turn. More penalties for bigamy over the birth of the penalized regulations can also be found that the provinces have taken a heavier punishment for the bigamy. In accordance with the provisions of Fujian, in violation of family planning regulations, the county (city, district) people’s government health and family planning administrative departments according to the illegal act was found on a county (city or district) urban or rural residents per capita disposable income of different multiples of the collection of social maintenance fees. Among them, those who have more than one child will be charged by two times to three times, while those who give birth to one child outside the marriage shall be charged four times to six times, and those who earn more than second children outside the marriage shall be expropriate. In Jiangsu, if a child is not eligible for the birth control ordinance, the social support fee shall be paid four times of the basic standard, but for the bigamy, the social maintenance fee shall be paid six times to nine times the basic standard. In addition to undertaking social support fees, the national staff members will be punished and not born according to the regulations. They may also face being dismissed or disciplined, especially in some national staff. For example, Guangxi has made it clear, does not comply with the regulations and conditions of children’s behavior, not only by the people’s government at the county level of health and family planning administrative departments shall impose social compensation fee, is the working personnel of the state, shall be given administrative dismissal according to law, other persons shall be given disciplinary punishment by the unit or organization. At the same time, a family member shall not be recruited within seven years from the date of the completion of the decision to impose a social dependency fee according to law. Yunnan also proposed that those who violated the regulations and gave birth to their children should be dismissal from the organs, public institutions and social organizations. Those who are employees of the enterprises should terminate the labor contract.

社会抚养费标准出炉 福建超生罚多少?本月18日起,北京开始就本市的社会抚养费征收管理办法展开为期1月的征求意见。中新网(微信公众号:cns2012)记者梳理各地政策文件发现,目前,已有20余省份针对“超生”现象明确了社会抚养费标准。不少地区的标准与超生人群收入、职业等挂钩,对于3胎以上的超生、重婚超生等,更是加大征收力度。20余省份明确社会抚养费征收新标准日前,北京市人民政府关于修改《北京市社会抚养费征收管理办法》的决定(草案送审稿)开始在市政府法制办官网公开征求意见。此次改动取消了原来条款中对违反规定生育第二个子女的夫妻或者非婚生育子女的公民征收社会抚养费的规定,改为对不符合规定生育第三个及三个以上子女的夫妻或者非婚生育第三个及三个以上子女的公民,每多生育一个子女,按照市统计部门公布的城镇居民或者农村居民年人均可支配收入的3至10倍征收。据记者不完全统计,“全面两孩”政策正式落地以来,除新疆、西藏两地外,全国已经有29个省份陆续修订了本地区的计生条例。对于“超生罚款”问题,除了正在征求意见的北京外,已经有包括河北、内蒙古、黑龙江等在内的21个省份,在新修订的人口与计生条例中明确了社会抚养费的征收标准。另外,上海方面规定,要按照国务院《社会抚养费征收管理办法》和市人民政府的有关规定缴纳社会抚养费。天津、江西、青海、甘肃等省份都明确,社会抚养费的征收管理办法由省或市人民政府制定。云南要求依照《云南省社会抚养费征收管理规定》对超生夫妻双方分别征收社会抚养费。广西在新条例中则未明确具体征收办法。各地标准不同 部分与超生人群收入水平、职业挂钩各地的社会抚养费征收标准不尽相同。譬如,对于违反条例多生育1个子女的情况,湖北、河南、四川、山东、河北、重庆、福建、陕西等省份规定,征收计征基数3倍以下的社会抚养费。其中,湖北、河南、四川、山东按照计征基数的3倍征收社会抚养费;河北按照计征基数的2.5倍征收社会抚养费;重庆、福建、陕西按照计征基数的2到3倍征收社会抚养费。另外,广东、江苏、山西、内蒙古、贵州等地的社会抚养费征收标准还与超生人群的收入水平或职业挂钩。例如,广东明确,城镇居民超生一个子女的,对夫妻双方分别按当地县(市、区)或不设区的地级市上年城镇居民(常住居民)人均可支配收入额为基数,一次性征收3倍以上6倍以下的社会抚养费,本人上年实际收入高于当地县(市、区)上年城镇居民(常住居民)人均可支配收入的,对其超过部分还应当按照1倍以上2倍以下加收社会抚养费。而贵州则规定,是个体工商户、私营企业主以及从事其他各类经营活动的人员,按照本人所在县(市、区)上一年农村居民人均可支配收入或者城镇居民人均可支配收入的4倍以上10倍以下征收社会抚养费。多地采取“多生多罚”政策在制定社会抚养费征收标准时,不少地区都采取了“多生多罚”措施,对于3胎以上的超生加大了处罚力度。例如,河北新修订的计生条例中规定,不符合条例相关规定生育第四个子女的,按生育第三个子女的征收金额各加百分之百征收;生育第五个以上子女的,征收金额以此递进累加。安徽也提出,不符合条例规定生育第三个子女的,由县级人民政府人口和计划生育行政部门,分别对夫妻双方,按所在地县(市、区)上一年度城镇或者农村常住居民年人均可支配收入的5倍征收社会抚养费;家庭年实际人均收入超过常住居民年人均可支配收入一倍的,按家庭年实际人均收入的五倍征收社会抚养费。每再多生育一个子女的,依次递增5倍征收社会抚养费。多地对重婚超生加大处罚力度梳理各地计生条例还可发现,各省对于重婚超生都采取了从重处罚。按照福建的规定,违反计生条例规定生育的,由县(市、区)人民政府卫生和计划生育行政部门按当事人违法行为被查出的上一年县(市、区)城镇或者农村居民人均可支配收入的不同倍数征收社会抚养费。这其中,多生育一个子女的,按二倍至三倍征收,而对于婚外生育一个子女的,按四倍至六倍征收;婚外生育第二个以上子女的,从重征收。在江苏,对于不符合计生条例规定多生育一个子女的,按照基本标准的四倍缴纳社会抚养费,但是对于重婚生育的,按照基本标准的六倍至九倍缴纳社会抚养费。国家工作人员超生将受处分不按规定生育子女,除了要承担社会抚养费外,还有可能面临被开除或纪律处分,特别是一些国家工作人员。例如,广西就明确,有不符合条例规定条件生育子女等行为的,不但要由县级人民政府卫生和计划生育行政部门依法征收社会抚养费,是国家工作人员的,还应当依法给予行政开除处分,其他人员还应当由其所在单位或者组织给予纪律处分。同时,违法生育被依法征收社会抚养费的,自处理决定履行完毕之日起七年内,不得录用为国家工作人员。云南也提出,违反条例规定多生育子女的,属机关、事业单位、社会团体工作人员的,给予开除处分;属企业职工的,解除劳动合同>相关的主题文章:

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