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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews For an inkjet printer that provides the black and white text quality of a laser device with the clear, bright color of an inkjet, take a look at HPs discontinued color printer, the HP DeskJet 882c, for a bargain basement unit that may suit your home offices needs. With HPs Color Smart II color matching technology, color accuracy is increased and, with the help of PhotoREt II resolution enhancing printing technology, photo quality is as well. Print speeds run at a bare minimum with the HP DeskJet 882c, with a maximum of only 8 pages per minute for black text, and 5 pages per minute in mixed text and color. When resolution is set at its highest, print speeds drop to 4.5 pager per minute for black and white text, and 0.75 pages per minute for mixed color and graphics. With quality settings selectable up to 600 x 600 dots per inch, photographs will .e out looking decent, but far from lab quality resolution. An EconoFast mode drops the resolution to 300 x 300 dots per inch and makes for the highest available print speed. The HP DeskJet 882c, while not the highest performing device as far as quality, does offer a full page color mode, along with a 4 x 8 color photo mode. At Econo resolution, a full page of color can be produced at an acceptable rate of 2 pages per minute, but at best quality the device requires up to four minutes for a single page. 4 x 8 prints are produced slightly faster at 0.3 pages per minute. The HP DeskJet 882c offers support for both Windows and Mac OS bases systems, however, the Universal Serial Bus port is reserved for Windows only. The printer also .es equipped with an implemented Centronics parallel IEEE 1283 port .pliant with 1284-B receptacles, allowing Macintosh users connectivity. While the HP DeskJet 882c can handle up to 100 sheets of standard letter or legal sized paper, it also supports a wide variety of other media types, all in different quantities. Up to 20 banners can be loaded at once, as well as up to 15 envelopes, up to 30 cards, up to 25 sheets of transparency, and up to 20 labels. A 50 sheet output tray for standard paper can hold half the input amounts of special paper types as well. 2 MBs of built in RAM memory is assisted by a 48 KB receive buffer to help keeping larger projects moving along at an acceptable pace, while a 17 inch width and 14 inch depth keep the HP DeskJet 882c at a manageable footprint. A height of only 7.5 inches keeps the device easily in the personal printer category, and its weight of only 12.5 pounds makes in manageable for frequent relocation. While the HP DeskJet 882c is considerably dated as far as speed and maximum image quality, if found at a closeout rate online, it could be considered an excellent bare bones personal device, or backup printer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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