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Huaian man kindly took stray dog bites eventually because of rabies killed the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Haifeng Gui Zhong) a month ago, Huaian city Xuyi County GUI Wu Zhen Liu Qiao Cun villagers Taomou at home, a stray dog came to the house for food. In the feeding, see a poor stray dog, Taomou for adoption of the dog, as he pulled the puppy’s neck rings, the dog bite hard Taomou leg does not relent, after with the help of the crowd, the dog only loosen the mouth, and fled the scene. The family is the funeral photo reporter Zhang Haifeng learned that his brother was bitten, Taomou brother rushed to the scene, after the process of being bitten by a stray dog. After being bitten, his brother has a strong sense of prevention, and took the initiative to the local hospital injected rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, Tao did not know that biting him was a mad dog, so he did not take this seriously after the bite, and did not seek medical treatment in time. In September 16th, Tao rabies attack, after 3 days of rescue invalid, died in September 19th. Modern Express reporter learned that the stray dog, on the day of biting pottery, was executed by the local villagers. Extended video: unrelated to the original, residents were bitten by dogs, dog owners shouted: "you have to alarm the use of fart."

淮安男子好心收留流浪狗被咬 终因狂犬病发作身亡现代快报讯(记者 张海峰 通讯员 张桂忠)一个月前,淮安市盱眙县桂五镇六桥村村民陶某在家时,一条流浪狗来到他家觅食。在给其喂食时,看到流浪狗比较可怜,陶某欲收养该狗,就在他拉住小狗脖子上铁环时,小狗狠狠咬住陶某的腿不松口,后在众人的帮助下,小狗才松开了嘴,并逃离了现场。这户人家正在办丧事 记者 张海峰 摄得知弟弟被咬伤,陶某的哥哥赶到现场,在追赶该流浪狗过程中也被咬伤。被咬伤后,哥哥防范意识较强,主动到当地医院注射了狂犬疫苗。不幸的是,陶某并不知道咬他的是一只疯狗,故而在咬伤后并没有将此当回事,也未及时就医。9月16日,陶某狂犬病发作,经过3天抢救无效,于9月19日死亡。现代快报记者了解到,那只流浪狗,在咬伤陶某的当天就被当地村民处死。扩展视频:与原文无关 居民接连被狗咬 狗主人叫嚣:你报警有屁用相关的主题文章:

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