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Hubei prisoners escape 5 days arrest path: after many fled home – Sohu news in September 24th, Hubei Caidian prison inmates to escape from the Wuhan Municipal Hospital of Hanyang lei. After 5 days of search, the 29 day at 1 pm, Hubei police in the city of Chibi Lei distant relatives arrested him. In September 29th, surging news () learned from the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, Lei Jun from Hanyang hospital after the escape, transfer and cab mount, via Wuchang, Hunan Yueyang, Linxiang, finally returned to his hometown of Chibi, has to two distant relatives. A police investigators, Lei Jun to escape arrest, not directly fled back to Chibi, "but the first to Hunan Yueyang, after the return to the fold." Fugitive Lei Jun according to the Hubei provincial public security department staff, Lei Jun escaped in the morning, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau deputy director Li Yilong convened in Wuhan, Xianning and other places of public security organs and the Bureau of criminal investigation, video detection and the Provincial Bureau of prisons and other departments, specific research and the establishment of the hunt program, arrest. In September 24th, the arrest program through the investigation found that after the escape from the hospital Lei to take a taxi to Wuchang, and take several taxi to Xianning in the direction of. According to the surging News reported on September 26th, Lei Jun after the escape, had to take a taxi to Yangtze River bridge via Wuhan, Wu Luo Road, through the underground channel Shouyi square, disappeared in the sea near the hotel, but here is the local people to Xianning, Chibi direction of the car passenger point. Lei Jun escape room No. 408. Figure Beijing police investigators, to escape arrest, Lei Jun did not directly fled his home in Chibi, but via Xianning, Chibi, Yueyang, arrived in Hunan after the return to Chibi. The afternoon of September 26th, members of the public to report, Lei Jun has appeared in the Yueyang Tower District of Yueyang city street express. More than 40 civilian police drove the night rushed to Yueyang, through the investigation found that in September 25th 15:05 PM to 16:30 PM, "express passenger Lei Jun Street into the mount, stranded after an hour, and a" rub "car to the train station, and then transfer the" rub "by the Yunxi District of Linxiang to Yueyang direction. "We ‘taxi driver Lee found the license plate". According to Lee explained, 25 in the afternoon, he equipped with Lei Jun in the YueYang Railway Station, will be sent to Linxiang passenger station near the old Lei along national highway 107. Police said the investigation found, Lei Jun arrived in Linxiang passenger station nearby, then transfer to a "SUZUKI" by the black country road to Chibi Zhao Li town. In September 28th, after carpet visits Mopai, special class police found in his distant nephew Lei Leimou near home, a police investigators: Leimou explained after appearing in court, 28 noon, Lei Jun came to his home to find him, asked to provide help for the escape, but then went to another distant hiding relatives." The early morning of September 29th, police in Chibi city Hualing red horse town road, a district in the Lei Jun captured, "we entered the room, Lei Jun is back asleep. Lei Jun confessed after being arrested, he returned home in Chibi on the evening of September 25th after the potential in the field, has been hiding for 2 days, the afternoon of September 28th, he had to hide in the homes of relatives." At present, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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