Hundreds of Americans ignored the curfew order to continue demonstrations in Sherlock vidown

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Hundreds of Americans continue to protest demonstrations defying a curfew order public demonstrations in Sherlock original title: hundreds of Americans continue to defy curfew instruction in Sherlock in Beijing on 23 September, according to foreign media reports, in the local in Japan occurred before police shot a black man after the incident, local time 23 days this month, hundreds of people ignore the instructions issued in North Carolina, Sherlock, the day before the curfew, to continue the protests. According to reports, 20 pm local time, Sherlock, a black man aged 43, was shot and killed by a black policeman in the northeastern city of Scott. This caused the local residents for two consecutive nights held protests, two demonstrations eventually evolved into violent clashes between the police and the public. North Carolina Governor McCrory announced the evening of 21, the city of Sherlock into a state of emergency". Nevertheless, 23, protesters still came to the local busy areas continue to protest. A large number of police at the scene to maintain order, but still failed to quell the excitement of the people. Said the White House spokesman Ernest 22 at a regular press conference on the subject, President Obama in the past few years has repeatedly on the relationship between the police and the black community’s position, he believes in a pressing matter of the moment is to build trust between the two, improve the relationship. But this is a very complex issue, involving police enforcement, judicial system reform and racial issues, etc.. Ernest said that these problems can not be ignored, must be addressed. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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