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Huzhou 18 year old fresh meat into the national team has become a circle of "net red" Mo Hao, Deqing, Huzhou, 18 years old. In 2016 PDM bicycle series (ShangHai Railway Station) Gulf of Fengxian stage of the competition, Mo Hao obtained good results. Recently, Mo Hao and several other young players have been selected as the national elite in the amateur cycling circle. In October this year, they will represent their motherland in the 2016 Asian university student Cycling Championships held in korea! Today, let’s go into the world of Don Mo and listen to his story. The first real contact with bicycle was two years ago, when he was only 16 years old and bought a very common mountain bike. Mo Hao’s hometown back Mogan Mountain, there are outdoor enthusiasts of heaven, has called the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area the most "cool" mountain bend. Mo Hao monasteries, a very young age fell in love with cycling. "Young people are passionate, nowhere to be young, always want to have a release of exports."." Mo Hao said. Then, with a determination to win, and fearless momentum, began to participate in major bicycle race. Soon, his figure appeared frequently in the bicycle race of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and shanghai. The first time to participate in the game when the grand still at present, it is a challenge to the Mogan Mountain bicycle race. Mo Hao in the youth group game, the first time the competition will get sixth of the good results. As the youngest contestant, Mo Hao’s young and handsome face immediately became famous in the bicycle circles. The circle is the uncle of the older youth, a minor "boy" are often attracted by senior players. But at the beginning, whether it’s training or competition, Mo Hao, who has no peers, is also very lonely. He continued to participate in the bicycle race, which brought boundless passion and pleasure to Mo Hao, and soon he became a "little master"". At present, he participated in more than 20 domestic games, only in 2016 June, he has participated in 3 games, almost every Monday rhythm of the match. "When I put my heart into it, I’m going to be more clear about my goals." Small fresh meat suddenly became a "net red" riding for two years, Mo Hao felt his greatest harvest is tenacity and perseverance. Mo Hao’s master named Hu Hao, and Mo Hao a team, is one of the largest amateur circle of big coffee. 2 years ago, Mo Hao regarded Hu Hao as his spiritual idol, active baishixueyi. The teacher always says, "what you need is to be yourself rather than wasting time doing meaningless things.". The Gulf of Fengxian stage, many drivers have crashed in the field, often the person injured. He was very careful when he was riding, and he knew how to do it best, and he managed to avoid getting out of the car. "It’s more important to be yourself than to compete with others," said mo. This is a psychological tactic on the ‘running’, the opponent is not others, it is your own." "As the youngest driver, all of them are my elders, and there are so many things to learn. Master Hu Hao often taught me to be modest, so that I could quickly welcome myself in a circle.

湖州18岁小鲜肉入选国家队 已成圈内“网红” 莫浩,湖州德清人,今年18岁。在2016年PDM自行车系列赛(上海站)奉贤海湾赛段的比赛中,莫浩获得了不俗的成绩。作为国内自行车业余圈里顶级水平的运动员,近日,莫浩和其他几名年轻选手入选了国家队。今年10月,他们将代表祖国参加在韩国举行的2016年亚洲大学生公路自行车锦标赛!今天,让我们走进莫浩的世界,一起来聆听他的故事。初生牛犊不怕虎莫浩第一次真正意义上接触自行车运动是在两年前,那时他才16岁,买了一辆非常普通的山地自行车。莫浩的家乡背靠莫干山,那里是户外爱好者的天堂,有着堪称江浙沪一带最“拉风”的山路弯道。耳濡目染,莫浩很小年纪就爱上了自行车运动。“年轻人是富有激情的,无处安放的青春,总想着有一个可以释放的出口。”莫浩说。于是,带着必胜的决心,和初生牛犊不怕虎的冲劲,开始参加各大自行车比赛。很快他的身影便频频出现在江浙沪一带的自行车比赛中。第一次参加比赛时的盛况犹在眼前,那是莫干山的一次自行车挑战赛。莫浩参加了青少组的比赛,第一次参赛就拿到了第六名的好成绩。作为最年轻的参赛选手,莫浩稚嫩且帅气的脸庞,立刻在自行车圈子里有了名气。圈子里都是叔叔辈的大龄青年,一个未成年的“毛头小子”常常引来资深选手的侧目。但是一开始,不论是训练还是参赛,没有同龄人作伴的莫浩也是异常孤独。不断参加自行车比赛,给莫浩带来了无限激情和快感,没多久他就成了比赛“小能手”。目前他参加过20余场国内比赛,仅仅2016年6月份,他就参加了3场比赛,几乎是每周一赛的节奏。“当我全身心地投入到其中时,便会更加明确自己的奋斗目标。”小鲜肉一下子成了圈内“网红”骑行两年,莫浩觉得自己最大的收获就是韧性和坚持。莫浩的师傅名叫胡浩,和莫浩一个车队,是业余圈子里数一数二的大咖。2年前,莫浩就视胡浩为自己的精神偶像,主动拜师学艺。师傅常常教诲:你需要的是做好你自己,而不是浪费时间去做那些无意义的事。这次奉贤海湾赛段,很多车手在现场发生了摔车,屡屡有人受伤。莫浩骑行的过程异常小心,他知道怎么做才是最好的方式,成功避开了摔车。莫浩说:“对比赛而言,做好你自己,远比和别人较劲来得重要。这是一场心理战术上的‘暗战’,对手不是别人,正是你自己。”“作为最年轻的车手,所有的人都是我的长辈,要学习的东西非常之多。胡浩师傅常常教导我要谦虚,这样才能让自己迅速在一个圈子里受欢迎,为自己打下良好的人缘基础。”也许,正是受到师傅的点拨,好人缘也让他不知不觉成了圈内“网红”。当自己骑行的经历被越来越多的人关注,时不时地网上聊天,大家也都跑来@莫浩,这让他多少有了一些存在感。与此同时,莫浩也希望通过自己的努力传递给人们更多的正向能量。他心里很明白,在圈子里之所以将他塑造成“网红”,正是为了推广自行车运动,让越来越多的年轻人爱上这种充满了激情与挑战的运动。为此莫浩对自己也有一个目标:就是成为一个有实力的偶像派。相关的主题文章:

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