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I miss you 9 subsidiaries: the loss of the super channel profit erosion single product weakness appeared net profit down 60% "jujube" products decline in revenue source: data chart Chinese financial network August 31st news (reporter Li Qiaoyu) although the positive transformation has 4 years, but the "red jujube first" performance decline did not miss you improved. I miss you the day before the disclosure 2016 semi annual report, the reporting period, not only revenue profits both fell, its 9 subsidiaries is the emergence of losses across the board. The reason for the decline in performance, I think you think the company is undergoing restructuring pains. But insiders said, compared to other similar enterprises, you miss the transformation of late, and the research and development of new products and update did not keep up with the rhythm of transformation, the disadvantage of single products further appear in the market, so I miss you in the transition into the public leisure food field, not enough products to occupy the market, from this point of view I miss you, 2016 will be a crucial year of successful transformation can. Semi annual net profit down 60% 9 subsidiaries to disclose your losses across the board before the show, the company achieved operating income of 438 million yuan during the reporting period, down 24.23%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 14 million 560 thousand and 800 yuan, down 58.84%. Semi annual report shows that the miss you currently has 9 subsidiaries and 1 shares of the company, including subsidiaries all losses, the loss of the most serious is Shanghai jujube happy trading company, the amount of loss of 7 million 105 thousand and 400 yuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Zhengzhou, the amount of loss of subsidiaries in more than 5 million yuan. Looking forward to the results of the first three quarters, I think you said is not optimistic, is expected to 1-9 months attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $15 million 210 thousand to $2 million 540 thousand, down from 90% to. In fact, since 2014, I think you have a continuous decline in the performance of the 2015, is the first time in 5 years to hand over the listing of the first annual loss, the loss of $3 million 233 thousand and 100, down by 106.31%. 2014 net profit was 53 million 700 thousand, year on year shrinkage of $48.86%. Why super channel construction profit erosion on the performance decline, I miss you in the newspaper said, mainly due to the adverse effects of the company to expand the super channel has continued until 2016, at the same time, the annual output of 50 thousand tons of red dates and its products deep processing project completed and put into use, depreciation and amortization expenses and bond interest stop capitalization included in finance costs and other factors lead the company fixed cost increases. Statistics show that I miss you in 2012 announced that the channel from the franchise store to the layout of the super. But in 2015, when the company’s performance loss, I want you to make it clear that the expansion of the super channel costs far exceed the budget is from profit to loss, the culprit. However, although the transformation of super channel erosion short-term profits, but I miss you the relevant staff said in an interview with reporters Chinese financial network, the company’s layout has been basically in place, will gradually increase the contribution of profit相关的主题文章:

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