If you are a boy’s mother – Sohu kimi wo omou melodi

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If you are a boy’s mother – infant [picture] attention selection of Sohu, to obtain childcare wisdom! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number of jxhuiben to pay attention to it, it has been said that if you are a boy’s mother, your feet will be a long long road. My understanding is that the boy is like a tree, need to grow naturally, the mother needs to know what time watering, loose soil, nutrient and give enough space to look small natural stretch to grow and grow into tall trees, a wild profusion of vegetation. The boy is to eat bitter – life education, I have always insisted that the boy to poor support". The so-called "poor", that is, let the children feel the life of suffering, do not enjoy excessive care. Grandpa and grandma are walking home from school. In my life, I am a poor man". From small to large, the son’s clothes, shoes are basically relatives and friends of the children with the children, school supplies, toys to buy is the most common, traditional. The boy will succeed in the future life and social competition, not only need to master the knowledge and skills, but also a hard-working and responsible spirit, children can suffer greatly depends on the success or failure of his life. So, even if the parents are rich, but also to the boys "poor" support, do not let the rich life and privilege destroyed the boy. The boy is to be a bit wild – the game play "let the child grow like a wild flower." This is the old man Bing Xin words, a great impact on me. When my son was about to walk, I took him to his grandmother’s house in the country. In summer, the son catch insects in the sand, catch ants under the tree, barefoot in the ridge on the run, all dirty like a mud monkey, mosquito bites are covered in the package with the prickly heat, but he is happy like a bird. Son’s favorite game is to pick up stones, where to pick up a few blocks. Every time wash his clothes, will not be found pocket pebbles bite out of the hole, is the knee trousers worn through. So I was in the wholesale commodity market, a small bag of small animal stickers, designed to make up for his clothes. Every time my son and I say, mom, the cubs are running away. I knew his pocket was broken. Whether kindergarten or family, this is not the environment support and opportunity for us to experience the boys playing dirty and messy. And this kind of play is to conform to the nature of the child, to nourish the soul of the child only long. When his son was in high school, he had no time to breathe, but he said, "fortunately, I still have an independent childhood." People really happy and sad. The boy is to be a bit more sense of responsibility – character education son sensible, I and my father reached a consensus, to open a sense of responsibility education. The afternoon shift, we sent his son and his cousin each a "animal picture book", when the baby son like every day in my hands. One day, the elder sister is looking at her "the big picture of the animal", discovered that dinosaur that page is missing, asks the younger brother. His son, clutching his book, said, "I don’t know. Your dinosaur went by himself.".相关的主题文章:

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