In February 3rd 16 traders are concerned about the news-exit safe mode

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In February 3rd 16 traders are concerned about U.S. news Sina News Beijing 3, Bloomberg reported, following the February 3rd 16 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 3 ranked 16 on the Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) late review: Asian stocks fell; domestic and foreign RMB exchange rate widened; credit debt "step on mine; anti yen rise 2) supply side reform for credit debt default investment institutions prepared to meet the challenge" anti add fuel to the flames hit the mine 3) RMB forward market a number of short zhunbing signal indicates a new round of devaluation at (1) 4) the Chinese stock market: Shanghai and Taiwan fell; billion repurchase; real estate; energy; Taiwan stock out from the rest 5) of offshore and onshore Renminbi spreads widened again in the short term short and the central bank [micro-blog] is expected to 6) intense Caixin: Chinese Spring Festival will be issued before and after the steel industry turnaround guidance 7) Xu Shaoshi: development and Reform Commission Chinese economic growth this year the 6.5-7% interval 8) Lenovo shares fell by PC and mobile phone revenue fell 9) stagnant demand dragged the fallen angels or the emergence of 23 billion Chinese junk bonds $10) Peng Bo approximation analysis: correlation of offshore renminbi and oil prices just below a G-10 currency 11) offshore renminbi in Hong Kong stocks plunged below 6.6412) decreases after the expansion of Guangdong Development Bank [micro-blog]: Commodity rebound if the trade surplus narrowed or China; $13) warning callback risk of Bank Hong Hao: the real estate cycle will see the top Chinese face policy choice 14) source: Taiwan requires financial institutions for the cash rate is not too high) 15 Taiwan approved TSMC, investment 16) Redward: return of the peg to the dollar is probably the best choice for China current Department of Commerce: 2015 17) Chinese service import and export volume growth of 14.6% over the previous year 18) picture of the city: Google search shows that the Bank of Japan has more negative interest rates Big response 19) the Central Bank of Thailand will maintain the key interest rate unchanged at 1.50%, in line with expectations 20) China Development and Reform Commission: the lowest purchase price of early indica rice produced in 2016 is 133 yuan per 50 kilograms

2月3日16点交易员正关注要闻   新浪美股讯 北京时间3日彭博报道,以下为2月3日16点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于3日16点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。   1)尾盘综述:亚股下跌;境内外人民币汇差扩大;信用债”防踩雷”;日元升   2)供给侧改革为信用债违约火上浇油 投资机构严阵以待“防踩雷”   3)人民币空头屯兵远期市场 多项信号预示新一轮贬值在即 (1)   4)大中华股市:沪台均跌;千亿逆回购;地产;能源;台股明起休市   5)离岸与在岸人民币价差再度扩大 短期内空头与央行[微博]料将激烈对   6)财新:中国将于春节前后下发钢铁行业脱困指导意见   7)发改委徐绍史:中国今年经济增长定了6.5-7%的区间   8)联想股价大跌 因PC和手机需求停滞拖累收入下滑   9)堕落天使或将涌现 230亿美元中国债券逼近垃圾级   10)彭博分析:离岸人民币与油价的关联度仅低于一个G-10货币   11)离岸人民币在港股跳水后扩大跌幅跌穿6.64   12)广发银行[微博]:大宗商品若反弹或缩窄中国贸易顺差;警示美元回调风险   13)交银洪灏:房地产大周期即将见顶 中国面临政策选择   14)知情人士:台湾要求金融机构承作拆款利率不要过高   15)台湾核准台积电大陆投资案   16)Redward:重新实行盯住美元的汇率机制或许是中国目前的最佳选择   17)商务部:2015年中国实现服务进出口总额比上年增长14.6%   18)看图论市:谷歌搜索显示日本央行负利率掀起更大反响   19)泰国央行将关键利率维持在1.50%不变 符合预期   20)中国发改委:2016年生产的早籼稻最低收购价格为每50公斤133元相关的主题文章:

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