In January, Japan’s investment in China increased by 22.8% from negative to positive, and the invest-diqua

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In January Japan’s investment in China increased by 22.8% from negative to positive and investment also increase the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Chinese warrants in January this year, the actual use of foreign investment 88 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 3.2%, the United States, Europe and Japan’s investment in China increased significantly, respectively, 463.6% 30.9% and 22.8%. Photograph: according to the Ministry of Commerce in February 15th China network news, in January this year, Chinese the actual use of foreign investment 88 billion 250 million yuan ($14 billion 70 million), an increase of 3.2%. China’s Ministry of Commerce, foreign investment department, said that the United States, Europe, Japan, China’s investment growth is one of the characteristics of China’s foreign investment in January this year. The total amount of foreign investment in the top ten countries and regions was 84 billion 380 million yuan, accounting for 95.6% of the actual amount of foreign investment in China, an increase of 2.6%. The United States, the European Union and Japan have increased their investment to China by 463.6%, 30.9% and 22.8% respectively. Japan is the third largest source of foreign investment in china. Japan’s investment in China has been negative for three consecutive years and declined by 32.5%, 38.8% and 25.8% since 2015, respectively, since 2013. According to the characteristics of Chinese absorption of foreign capital, the amount of monthly national investment growth, is likely to be the new sign big investment projects or investment capital in place. If you judge the overall situation of the investment, you need to look at the data for half a year. Earlier, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences experts have analyzed the interface news reporters, the Sino Japanese political relations to some extent affect Japan’s investment in china. In addition, because there Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, the basic realization of zero tariff goods trade, Southeast Asian countries, lower manufacturing costs, Japanese enterprises consider "1+1" investment strategy, to set up factories in Southeast Asia, like credit card vice card. According to the person in charge of the foreign ministry’s introduction, January, China service industry the actual use of foreign investment 59 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 5.7%, in the proportion of the national total of 67.6%; the high technology service industry in the actual use of foreign investment 7 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 123.4%. The number of foreign capital M & A enterprises and the scale of attracting foreign investment. In January, 114 foreign invested enterprises were established by means of M & A, and the actual use of foreign capital was 34 billion 400 million yuan, up 6.5% and 15.7% respectively. The proportion of mergers and acquisitions in the total amount of actual use of foreign capital increased from 34.7% in the same period of last year to 39%. Editor in chief: Zhang Yujie SF107

1月日本对华投资由负转正增22.8% 美欧投资也大幅增长 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   今年1月,中国实际使用外资为882.5亿元人民币,同比增长3.2%,美、欧、日对华投资大幅增长,分别为463.6%、30.9%和22.8%。 图片来源:网络   根据中国商务部2月15日的消息,今年1月,中国实际使用外资为882.5亿元人民币(折合140.7亿美元),同比增长3.2%。   中国商务部外资司负责人称,美、欧、日对华投资大幅增长是今年1月中国吸收外资的特点之一。前十位国家 地区实际投入外资总额843.8亿元人民币,占全国实际使用外资金额的95.6%,同比增长2.6%。美国、欧盟、日本对华投资增幅较大,分别为463.6%、30.9%和22.8%。   日本是中国吸收外资的第三大来源地。日本对华投资自2013年开始,连续三年负增长,到2015年分别下降32.5%、38.8%、25.8%。   根据中国吸收外资的特点,单月国别引资额度出现大幅增长的,很可能是当月新签了大的投资项目或者投资项目增资到位。若判断投资整体情况,则至少需要看半年数据。   此前,中国社会科学院专家曾对界面新闻记者分析过,中日政治关系在一定程度上影响日本对华投资。此外,也因为中国与东盟存在自由贸易协定、货物贸易基本实现零关税、东南亚国家制造业成本更低,日本跨国企业考虑“1+1”的投资策略,在东南亚设厂,很像办理信用卡副卡。   根据商务部外资司负责人的介绍,1月,中国服务业实际使用外资596亿元人民币,同比增长5.7%,在全国总量中的比重为67.6%;其中高技术服务业实际使用外资72亿元人民币,同比增长123.4%。   外资并购交易企业数和引资规模双提高。1月,外商以并购方式新设立外商投资企业114家,实际使用外资344亿元人民币,同比分别增长6.5%和15.7%。并购在全国实际使用外资总量中所占比重由上年同期的34.7%上升到39%。 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

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