In November, the average price of Guangdong a brand was 22300 yuan, and the lowest price was 18600

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November Guangdong A personal card transaction price of 22300 yuan price 18600 yuan (Nafangwang hearing all media reporter Yu Qiuliang) November 25th, released November Guangzhou license plate auction case. Among them, the average bid price of individual bid is 22300 yuan, the lowest bid price is 18600 yuan; the average transaction price of the unit is 11427 yuan, the lowest bid price is 11427 yuan. It is understood that this month to bid for the allocation of ordinary vehicles incremental index of 4592, of which 1051 units indicators, personal indicators 3541. Compared with last month, the lowest price of Guangdong A brand has dropped by nearly 1000 yuan this month, a total of 31 people at this price. This is the first decline in the data in the last 4 months. Personal average transaction price is slightly rising for four consecutive months. A car dealer told reporters that since last October 1st the formal implementation of the small displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy will expire at the end of this year, the relevant state ministries and commissions on whether the policy has not yet been postponed until the end of the position, so there will be a wave of car sales peak, and forecast December Guangdong A license prices will keep a slight upward trend. It is worth noting that the price of the buyer shall, through the auction system () print "Guangzhou non tax revenue payment notice", and by "Guangzhou non tax revenue payment notice", from November 26th to November 28th 3 working days in Guangzhou, 15 of non tax revenue in the collecting bank outlets the Business Hours, a one-time settlement of all transaction price. Editor in chief: GDN002

11月粤A牌个人成交均价为22300元 最低价18600元   南方网讯(全媒体记者 余秋亮)11月25日,广州11月份车牌竞价情况出炉。其中,个人竞价平均成交价为22300元,最低成交价为18600元;单位平均成交价为11427元,最低成交价为11427元。   据了解,本月以竞价方式配置普通车增量指标共4592个,其中单位指标1051个、个人指标3541个。   与上月相比,本月粤A牌个人最低成交价有近千元的小幅下降,共有31人以该价格成交。这也是近4个月来该数据的首次下降。个人平均成交价则是连续四个月均有小幅上涨。   有车商向记者表示,由于去年10月1日起正式实施的小排量车购置税减半政策在今年年底即将到期,而目前国家相关部委尚未对该政策是否延期进行表态,因此年底前应该还会有一波销车小高峰,并预测12月的粤A牌价格或将保持小幅上升的趋势。   值得注意的是,本次竞价成交的买受人,须通过竞价系统()打印《广州市非税收入缴款通知书》,并凭《广州市非税收入缴款通知书》,在11月26日至11月28日3个工作日内,在广州15家非税收入代收银行营业网点的营业时间内,一次性结清全部成交价款。 责任编辑: GDN002相关的主题文章:

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