In October, SUV sales reached the top ten rankings Roewe rx5

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In October SUV sales ranking: Roewe RX5 to the latest data released by the association before ten, the Automobile Research Institute compiled in October 2016 SUV sales. October SUV market statistics 141 models. October SUV market sales reached 905 thousand, an increase of 44.3%, an increase of less than in September (53%). The independent brand in the SUV sales top ten occupy 7 seats, seats more than September, occupy the absolute dominant position, while the other four seats for the U.S. and Germany, carved up by japanese. Sales of the first ten models were achieved growth. Keangkewei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to 86.7% year-on-year growth to become the top ten SUV sales year-on-year growth rate of the largest models, Roewe (micro-blog) RX5 by virtue of its good appearance design and excellent price for the first time reached the top ten sales. The dominance of the independent brand in the SUV market, independent brands that although there is a gap in technology, quality, management and other aspects of foreign brands, but the independent brand of foreign brands more than China understand the market, know what consumers need China, coupled with independent brands and foreign brands compared with the channel advantage. In contrast, foreign brands in the Chinese market reaction ability and decision-making mechanism is relatively rigid, so in the face of foreign brands of pressure and challenges, still can seek their own living space. Geely Bo Yue and when we relax the scope of concern of the hot selling SUV Geely Bo in October to 16779 units (wholesale) sales ranked twelfth. With Geely Baoji plant put into operation, it will no longer have pressure capacity as "Bob more brilliant as before". Brilliant future, bullyear sales are made on the existing basis to further enhance the problem. In addition, Geely’s cross-border SUV Geely imperial GS in October to achieve sales break million. The reason, I think it is in the product positioning of Chinese manufacturers market consumer psychology was more accurate. In fact, from the essence, imperial GS and Mazda CX-4 are typical hatchback crossovers, and the original "SUV" not what contact. But because China consumer concept is not mature, Geely and FAW Mazda (micro-blog) by Chinese consumers on the SUV market preference, deliberately match up to its position as the "crossover SUV" in the market, publicity and marketing strategy to catch the high-speed growth of the SUV express. To know that in the current Chinese hatchback car market share has declined significantly in the environment, whether you do not cross cross, positioned himself as the "hatchback" itself is a contrarian is not a wise choice.相关的主题文章:

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