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In October the peak travel, save you 1 iPhone7~- Sohu travel holiday is coming, you haven’t planned to go travel? Late! You will be faced with astronomical ticket prices, the price of the hotel, scenic spots are robbed by the cruel reality! Miss.6 suggest that you should immediately apply for a holiday with the leadership overtime, on duty, 3 times the salary package you earn enough air tickets! Then a hugh choose a staggering tour, perfect! The most suitable Festival places, absolutely can make a perfect holiday you worry and effort and money! Of course, please ~ nouveau riche leisure in the summer like Thailand than to indulge themselves during the eleven save 2000-8000 yuan to Thailand day, not only crowded without huge crowds of people ushered in the most comfortable season of the year, the price ticket is diving hotel! You can go to the streets of Bangkok, a taste of ancient Buddhist culture; to feel the neon Pattaya and wonderful night life; to Phuket, Samui Bay tour, enjoy the most comfortable style in Chiang Mai, Rhine… Petty life go up beautiful beautiful Chiang Mai has many relics of the ancient city, you can slow down the pace of travel, feel the old Chiang Mai and the young, the original experience and enthusiasm, once the Lanna Kingdom’s unique cultural history. Chiang Mai is full of life, gathered in restaurants, cafes, weekend and bustling bazaar, Chiang Mai people can experience the most real life. Milan, Milan, divers paradise only in November each year to next April, this is a piece of Virgin Islands, every day to people on holiday here is not much, is absolutely quiet natural island. Milan is one of the world’s best snorkeling, with a tropical marine fish rich island, across the giant scallops and coral reefs and odd rocks, phosphorus endless and rich marine life, make diving enthusiasts have come here. Concerned about the 6 people travel consultant WeChat service number (ID:sijiatuan), or in the major application store to download the 6 person tour APP, 1 pairs of 1 free consulting travel consultant, customize your exclusive journey. You can also call 400-010-6003 free consultation. Florida beach, sunshine state of the United States Savings of $3000-5000 than the eleven peak during late autumn early winter, the trip to the United States, how can not go to Florida?! Colorful fantasy theme park, the continuity of natural beaches, vibrant international metropolis, a wild profusion of vegetation National Park…… Florida, a vibrant sunshine state, will give you a tour of the United States brought hitherto unknown! Over the Orlando theme park in Orlando High’s reputation is not loud, Miami, but it has been many travel reviews for the world’s most exciting city. As a city of Orlando is the four Disney theme park, two Universal Studios theme park, a Ocean Park. No wonder kids about Orlando look cheerful. Miami, Caribbean style.相关的主题文章:

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