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In the Central Foreign Affairs Office of the discipline inspection group: given party discipline of 3 bureau level cadres recently in Beijing, the Central Foreign Affairs Office of the discipline inspection team leader Zou Jiayi chaired a comprehensive supervision work will communicate, listen to the central foreign affairs, international and National Friendship Association, Institute of foreign affairs in charge of the leadership of Comrade introduced this year to carry out anti-corruption work and the next work plan, focusing on notification prior disposal of central inspection teams feedback problems and causes of problems found clues, stressed the need to further implement the main responsibility, strengthen the inspection and rectification, strengthen supervision and discipline, and resolutely oppose the four winds". In the Central Foreign Affairs Office of the discipline inspection group was established nine months, seriously implement the central discipline inspection deployment, high standards and strict requirements of positioning work responsibility, rely on the system, the practice of "four forms", carry out supervision and inspection, intensify efforts to enforce discipline. Nearly two months, the central inspection teams involved in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central provisions of the spirit of the problem, such as the quick check fast do eight. After the beginning of the nuclear action filed 6, 6 people, 3 bureau level cadres, 3 level cadres by the party and government discipline; conversation letter consultation 12 (Times), 1 units (Party Leadership) and 2 departments (units) leading to the higher Party committees (party) to make a written examination. 2 bureau level cadres by admonishing conversation, 3 bureau level cadres at the Department by the criticism, 18 cadres have to remind conversation, 16 cadres to the organization to make a written examination or deep examination in the relevant party meetings. Proposed rectification suggestions 20, the violation of the problem has been rectification. The meeting stressed that the leadership of the comprehensive supervision units (party) and leading cadres at all levels should further strengthen the "Four Consciousness", grasp honest government, actively take the initiative to put yourself into it, put the main responsibility in mind, on his shoulders, in their hands. To improve the internal control mechanism and system, in strict accordance with the regulations, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system and accountability, and resolutely safeguard the seriousness and authority of the system, adhere to investigate violations of the spirit of the central eight provisions, to higher standards, more stringent requirements, more practical measures to strengthen the construction of clean government and the anti-corruption work, strictly implement the comprehensive. (in the Central Foreign Affairs Office of the discipline inspection group)相关的主题文章:

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