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For Ford this "play" Difficult miscellaneous diseases and the interconnection of all things today, the birth of big data, cloud computing can almost make close contact between any irrelevant things. If three years ago, someone told you only a mobile phone can control the majority of motor function, time monitoring of vehicle information, you must think this is Arabian Nights. Throughout the development of the times, consumer demand has been one of the fundamental driving force to promote the development of science and technology. Ford clear insight into the development trend of intelligent vehicles, leading us to bring the wisdom of science and technology – Ford faction, while continuing to lead the industry’s technological innovation, but also will bring consumers a better intelligent life experience. Mobile phones can also start the car? Ford relaxed fix Fu is a collection of special digital technology, exhibition hall and personal mobile entity platform will provide experience, similar to the VR virtual reality technology for consumers provide service experience for auto consumers. Ford faction with a powerful remote control system allows consumers to start, stop, lock and unlock vehicles through the phone. Northern winter temperatures are often below -15°, while the normal operating temperature of the engine at 90° around, will form a huge temperature difference. If you do not advance in advance before the vehicle, it will have a certain impact on the engine. The use of Ford who can make you comfortable breakfast while using mobile phone 15 minutes ahead of time to start the vehicle while enjoying at home, saving time also protect your car; remote lock unlock vehicle function allows you to have the goods falls in the car, and you have no hurry away, by mobile phone remote control to unlock, your family or friends can easily help you take. Parking information can not know? Ford sent a key to get along with the rapid growth of domestic car ownership, parking is difficult, I believe the vast majority of owners have deep feelings about this. Ford school will come to solve the difficult problem of parking pain. Ford sent by the built-in parking feature, consumers can be around the parking lot in accordance with the price, distance, the use of evaluation, such as effective sorting, reasonable selection of existing parking spaces. When others are still failing to find parking spaces and parking spaces to the East West, you have everything in good order and well arranged and go. At the same time, Ford school equipped with vehicle positioning function can help consumers find their vehicles in the shortest time inside the vast parking spaces, really come and go freely, make travel more convenient. Vehicle failure 24 hours rescue? The vehicle is the sudden failure of the Ford Ambassador ready highway driving most other people worry not driving, but no closer to the surrounding service outlets, if you encounter a traffic accident is more closely with life safety. In order to help consumers to eliminate this problem, Ford sent the built-in Ford ambassador will provide one to one service line, and 24 hours of road rescue services, to ensure that consumers worry free travel; in addition, Ford also sent support to check the vehicle mileage, oil life, oil and other important data, time to help consumers do car information in our hands, and the bottom of the tank to prevent car halfway embarrassing scene; and the vehicle loan repayment schedule, repayment records service.相关的主题文章:

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