Incredible Mountain Ranges Make Cheap Flights To Morocco

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Travel-and-Leisure Most people around the world perhaps envisage large desert plains or old medinas when they think of Morocco. While it is true that these physical features constitute a big part of the countrys geography, it is equally appropriate to say that there is much more to the landscape of this enthralling country! The countrys landscape is dominated and .pleted by numerous majestic mountain ranges that are spectacular tourist attractions beguiling holiday makers from all over the globe to grab cheap tickets on airlines to the country. Amazing rich in flora and fauna, these mountain ranges are also home to a variety of nomadic tribes who practise ancient cultures and traditions! The mountains of Morocco offer an array of interesting adventure activities for the enthusiasts enticing them to seek cheap flights to Morocco. Holiday makers can take part in sport activities like climbing, hiking, mule-aided trekking and skiing! People can also buy handicrafts at these mountains that are much more durable and much cheaper than found in any medina. Top Mountain Ranges in Morocco Take in the incredible views, sample the remarkable flora and discover an altogether new world on your way up! Take a look at various mountain ranges that make different airlines flights to Morocco so incredibly popular. Atlas Mountains Atlas Mountains extend for about 2,500 km and divide the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The Atlas Mountains is almost a paradise for trekkers, providing year-round trekking, spectacular scenery and crowd free trails. However, the mountains are perhaps best known for offering an insight into the fascinating Berber cultures in the numerous lovely villages in the valleys. Most mountain enthusiasts have the incredible Atlas Mountains as the key reason to hunt for cheap tickets on flights to Morocco. Amtoudi Peak Amtoudi is as fascinating an area as it gets! Slightly off the beaten path as far as regular Moroccan tourism is concerned, Amtoudi is still able to hold the attention of tourists and makes for one of the most attractive stops on any visit. Amtoudi feature one of the oldest and best preserved granaries in North Africa. These granaries (or agadirs as they are called) belong to the times when bandits ruled the roost and agadirs were used to store grain, dates and gunpowder! Chefchaouen Mountains Chefchaouen Mountains is one fascinating range that is located in the midst of several other mountains. Chefchaouen Mountains has two major peaks – Jebel Meggou and Jebel Tisouka. While Jebel Meggou is 1625 meters above sea level, Jebel Tisouka is situated at a dizzying 2050 meters above sea level. Jebel Tisouka additionally features a mosque at the top regarded by the locals as the most splendid location for morning worship! Tafraoute Mountains The grand rocky mountains of Tafraoute are perhaps the biggest attractions in the area that make cheap flights to Morocco such a popular affair. The inhabitants around the pink-coloured Tafraoute Mountains are proud but simple people who strive to keep their surroundings neat and clean. The windows of the crimson houses that are framed by white painting offer quite a dramatic sight for the travellers! Tan Tan Mountains Located in South West Morocco, the Tan Tan Mountains are majestic ranges that outshine the town of Tan Tan. Famous for its rare flat top, Tan Tan Mountains are revered all over the region. Perhaps the best way to experience the remarkable splendour of the Tan Tan Mountains is to get on top of them from where travellers can enjoy the splendid views of the Southern Slope as well as the mesmerising views of the Tan Tan plain with all its glittering brooks, ridges and sand dunes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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