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India "waste bills storm" chaos upgrade   former Prime Minister rebuked the "legal plunder" — Guangxi channel — original title: India "waste money storm" chaos upgrade "legal robbery", the former prime minister at local time on November 23, 2016, India, Chennai, protest abolition of large denomination banknotes. On the evening of 8, India’s prime minister Modi suddenly announced that from 9 onwards the abolition of two bills worth 500 rupees and 1000 rupees, to fight against corruption and money laundering transactions. The Global Times reported [] since November 8th modi suddenly announced a ban on the circulation of large denomination banknotes since India suffered a variety of social impact, the bank before long queues, rising opposition, at least 70 deaths…… In the observer’s view, this is like a social experiment in India, it was also reminiscent of the 90s of last century russia. Will India’s economy "shock"? Authorities have slowed down to 0.7% to 4% of the forecast. "Shot like a bullet at a high speed car," says a India economist. Global Times reporter observed in India, India, the replacement of large denomination notes into the third week, the country’s cash supply is still insufficient, most ATMs still can not be used, the bank is still lined up a long queue. At the same time, the shortage of funds, factories, production and exports plummeted. In order to solve the "waste money" problem and prevent "black money" loophole, India government take countermeasures, but changing the policy has led to more confusion. For example, the original provisions can only take 4000 rupees per person per day cash, and later changed to a daily RS 4500, a few days later lowered to RS 2000. On the 21 day, farmers were allowed to buy seeds with 500 rupees old notes. On the social networking site, India Internet users to discuss their confusion. Some people want to know why the government has to do so, there are people who point to the point of praise; some people suggest that the auction 2016 modi era of 500 rupees banknotes". The Internet continue to spread and do toilet paper money with pictures of sheep eat 500 rupees notes, India is also popular with politicians surprised stunned expression package. India newspaper describes the tragedy: a single mother said her daughter to the wedding, the groom’s family rushed to warn her dowry money ready, or cancel the wedding. So she stood in line for 3 days in a row, and she was in line for about 14 hours a day for about 12 hours. In Haryana, a sudden infant fever, private hospitals do not accept the old notes, the parents go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, pharmacy is not accepted, the result of death. There is a "blue collar" is not easy to change money, but sorrow, from the bank two floor fall death. India "vanguard" said, as of 21, "waste" has caused the death of 70 people. Reuters said, people from India and more frustration turned to anger, and the people came to maintain order in the police clashes broke out; the wedding planning company phone was ringing off the hook — the wedding customs are with high denomination bills made wreaths, people hope to contact these companies to exchange the bills; in a jewelry store, sold as a safe haven gold. There are media mentioned that beggars disappear in some areas of New Delhi, because no one has any change. "It’s like)相关的主题文章:

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