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Relationships Bollywood is India’s most popular source of entertainment. The entertainment is there for us constantly. Unfortunately there is a large volume of the population in India who are poor and uneducated and can’t always afford to enjoy what Bollywood has to offer. However things have changed a lot in the last two decades. Many people are unable to buy good – or if they are, they might not be able to read them. Many households still don’t have a television set in their house. Newspapers and magazines we have already ruled out, so cinema is the only means of entertainment for them. If they earn Rs.1200 a month they will spend Rs.300 on the cinema per month, Rs.300 on Daru (alcohol), and Rs.100 on Bollywood film star posters. The remaining will be spent on getting by. India is a hot country. In summertime the temperature can go as high as 52. We are more likely in April or June to go into town for shopping of business because there is air conditioning in cities like Mumbai. If you are out and about, you have to get to a shop or hotel by 1pm, otherwise will be uncomfortably hot. For lunch there are many air conditioned restaurants, but you have to have money, otherwise you will be out on the roadside by 2.30pm. Going to the cinema is an option to stay out of the heat. It does not matter who the film star is, or the director, they will spend Rs.50 to buy a ticket for an air conditioned hall and sleep in the dark before the film even starts. This is not a trick of the trade, this is a need and a necessity for many. Even cinema owners know this, and they sometimes help you by keeping the volume down in an afternoon show. On a slightly different but not unrelated note, bridal costumes are inspired greatly by Bollywood. Brides will look no further than Bollywood when they want to buy a dress for the special day. They watch the films, especially the ones newly released, with the brand new styles. When they go shopping for a dress, the shop owner might say "madam, I have a newly designed dress which was worn by the Bollywood film star, Karina Kapoor, in this film, or by Karina Kaif in that Bollywood film". They will say that either they supplied the dress, or that they designed it and have exclusive rights for its reproduction. When Bollywood films are made, they keep the bridal dress in the market. They are like sponsors for the bridal dress market, which is very big. Bollywood is larger than life. If you have the money you can buy a bridal dress that was actual worn during a Bollywood shooting, but they come with a huge price tag. Indian bridal dresses are controlled by Bollywood. I wonder what will be next? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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