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Information Express – Finance and Economics – People’s railway commodity auto logistics rapid growth of newspaper electric   in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s railway commodity automobile logistics business. In the days before the meeting of the 2016 Chinese Railway Commercial Automobile Logistics Development Forum, chairman of China Railway special cargo and general manager Wei Baojiang said that the professional management of China Railway Corporation authorized China Railway special cargo goods responsible for railway automobile logistics, teamed up with 18 major railway transportation stations, the railway freight marketing center to build commercial vehicles throughout logistics network. In the first half of this year, China Railway special cargo completed a total of 1 million 207 thousand car logistics, the whole year is expected to complete the 2 million 600 thousand units. According to statistics, in recent years, the railway commodity automobile logistics business with an average annual growth rate of 47.6% rapid development, in 2012 exceeded the number of units in 2015 to complete the 1 million 903 thousand units in. With the continuous growth of railway traffic, the rapid expansion of the capacity of equipment, in 2017 the number of railway freight car transport vehicles is expected to reach 20 thousand, with the ability to transport goods vehicles 5 million units.   (Lu Yanan) World Skills Competition national trials end newspaper   the forty-fourth session of the world skills competition in national trials ended in Guangdong province mechanical technician Institute recently. The competition involves 45 projects in the construction and construction technology, art and creativity, information and communications, manufacturing and engineering technology, personal and social services and transportation and logistics, such as the six major areas. The country’s more than and 20 provinces and cities and industry organization and industry had passed the provincial trials, 43 team, 1035 players participated in the national contest, the competition scale, the number of entries and the competitive level for most of the calendar year. The forty-fourth world skills competition will be held in October 2017 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab emirates. The national trials selected more than 400 athletes entered the China training base for each project in October this year, began a one-year preparation training.   ISO (He Linping) Marine Technical Committee plenary meeting of newspaper   before the thirty-fifth session of the international organization for standardization of ships and Marine Technology Committee (ISO TC8) plenary session held in beijing. The meeting focused on the fire prevention and rescue, network security, energy efficiency, ship ballast water, polar navigation equipment, data collection and transmission, deep-sea equipment and other issues, and to study the development of the future strategic business plan standard. The meeting was organized by the National Standardization Management Committee, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Company as the first undertaker. Du Gang, deputy general manager of China shipbuilding industry, said the meeting is conducive to improving China’s shipbuilding industry awareness of the importance of international standards, reversing China’s shipbuilding industry, heavy production, light standards phenomenon. At the same time, to help guide the industry of scientific and technological achievements in ship field advantage and characteristic of synchronization into international standards, to solve the "technology and market", to promote the further China bigger ships and marine industry stronger.   (Guo   Lin) "people’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 19)相关的主题文章:

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