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Cruising-Sailing Innovative Way In Which You Can discover the beautiful St-Vincent and the Grenadines by Rachel Paradis St. Vincent & the Grenadines are regarded by most as the "Jewels of the Caribbean". Since primeval times, St. Vincent, our home base has been blessed with lush mountains, volcanic-rich soil and unspoiled landscapes of brilliant flora and beautiful crystal clear waters. Add to this the idyllic islands and deserted cays of the Grenadines and the entire country emerge as a prime eco-playground. Health Vacation Custom Cruises offers the most innovative vacation packages available to anyone who loves to discover St-Vincent and the Grenadines, and several other Leewards and Windwards islands, very intimately, aboard the Jonalisa, a 60 foot luxurious privately owned and operated Canadian trawler yacht. Until now you either could view these islands aboard a giant cruise vessel and from behind the ships side rails, docking now and then where the docking facilities permit it, mostly in larger .mercial islands never being able to set a foot on those deserted islands and magical coves. You can charter a boat or a Yacht locally owned and operated that .es with a captain and cook. Then if you’re not acquainted with this area you need to rely on your chartered captain for security, itineraries and food. Health and Vacation Cruises offers a very customizable vacation itinerary that will allow you the opportunity to define the type of cruise and activities you wish to experience during your visit. Aboard the Jonalisa motor yacht you’ll enjoy one of the most unique charters and cruises experiences to be found in the world. Enjoy sunny weather and temperature averaging 85 Fahrenheit with a cooling breeze from the trade winds. Follow the sound of the wind and let experience professionals transport you to the beautiful St-Vincent and the Grenadines and several other Leewards and Windwards islands. Dream holidays on a well-equipped, well-stocked yacht are not just for the rich and famous, they are within your reach, too. Just charter the Jonalisa motor yacht with and experienced knowledgeable staff and cruise off to your dream destinations in the West Indies. You can pick your own route, set your own pace, chose your own cuisines, chalk out your own itinerary, make stopovers whenever and wherever you feel like, and be the master of the yacht until you return to the shore and enjoy a dream vacation that will live in your memories for ever. Ms. Rachel Paradis MA President Health Vacation Cruises She holds a master degree in industrial and .anizational psychology. She has a vast knowledge of the Caribbeans and motor Yacht cruises. The Health Vacation & .anizational Wellness team gathers professional practitioners in the fields of Health, Psychology, Business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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