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Interview with Huang Xiaoming: charity is more happy love   read "Wolf Totem" culture November 28 Beijing Xinhua (Chen Can) November 28th, UNAIDS appointed Huang Xiaoming as UNAIDS goodwill ambassador China ", and by the UNAIDS China office on behalf of the Soviet Union Dr. Karen Huang Xiaoming was appointed goodwill ambassador certificate issued. The same day, Huang Xiaoming published his "as UNAIDS goodwill ambassador Chinese" declaration, hoping to make a contribution for the AIDS charity: "each of us must not hesitate, have the obligation and responsibility to stop AIDS, we do not fear it, to learn how to prevention and treatment, and should never discriminate against AIDS start". After the event, the people’s Daily reporter Huang Xiaoming exclusive interview. This is about a father who is eye brow smile, he talked about the public, talk about filming, read, talk about life, family. Talk about public welfare: charity is a habit more and more happy people’s Daily reporter: for you, charity is a habit, it is a cause. What was your initial public interest? Huang Xiaoming: my heart is actually derived from Mom and dad education. The little things we encounter in our neighborhood will help each other, which gives me a subtle influence. When I was a little bit famous, a reporter told me that there were a group of poor children in his hometown. At that time, I do not have much savings, donated one hundred thousand of the past. At that time, the donation of those children continued to write a letter for me for many years, from the beginning of the matter I have been doing charity, hoping to become a habit of charity. People’s Daily reporter: how do you use your social influence? Huang Xiaoming: if I do not have today’s fame, not today’s position, I do these things may not be so much response today. Now that you are in this position, with this reputation, I feel it is my duty to help people in need. This is my obligation to the society. People’s Daily reporter: how do you undertake social responsibility at work? Huang Xiaoming: my subordinates, first of all, to ask them to be kind, caring, which is the basic criteria for my selection. Secondly, I don’t have any special requirements for the fans, but they will help me to do something. So we have done a good job in recent years, we issued a free 200 thousand yellow bracelet, free oh! (laughter) of course, the distribution is not the purpose, the purpose is to see people wearing yellow bracelet will come forward to help. People’s Daily reporter: so many years to do charity, mentality change? Huang Xiaoming: happier and happier. As you grow older, you will find yourself faced with all kinds of problems. You have a family, you have a child, your mom and dad will grow old, your child will grow up, you will be very worried about the safety and health of your family, you have a sense of responsibility. It is our duty to turn the responsibility of the family into social responsibility. So I am more and more mature, but also more and more like charity. When I see the people I’ve helped grow up, they make me feel like I’m doing it all the time. )相关的主题文章:

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