Into the delivery room and more embarrassing, in advance of the mother to make sure to do prenatal p-vidown

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Into the delivery room and more embarrassing, in advance of the mother to make sure to do prenatal preparation! Maybe you baby – Sohu in the prenatal training class or related books to learn about the knowledge of childbirth, but I think you have never heard of, on the bed you may be vomiting, teeth chattering and even excretion…… Don’t worry, it’s not to make you nervous and embarrassed, just to get expectant mothers to have an idea of what’s going on when these things happen. An awkward naked like newborn birth: still wearing the clothes? That all operations will not be able to start, as a mother, of course, still have to consider the safety of the baby, and it is nothing compared with other trouble. When he is not in the correct attitude, insulted, but a mother’s glory! And the doctor is there to help you have your own baby embarrassed two: pubic shaving bare childbirth pubic shaving program called perineal skin". After the removal of pubic hair, the doctor was able to facilitate the mother of perineum wound disinfection and suture. Moreover, in the pubic hair fetus through the perineum is easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, may be infected, but it is fatal. So, "is beneficial skin" at the mother and fetal baby. In addition, in Europe and the United States regularly repair the lower body hair is conducive to cleaning. Embarrassed three: your doctor may be the man today, gynecological male doctors for growing, you are likely to deliver the main male doctor. Don’t feel embarrassed, in fact, men may be more secure than the main lady, because they face unexpected situations tend to be more calm and quiet. Embarrassment four: you need to receive anal examination in order to accurately grasp the extent of the opening of the mouth of the uterus, the nurses will come from time to time to check the anus. So intimate but some stinking place was the nurse looks around, who may be awkward. The prospective mother who is best to hold the mentality of nurses since be careless with, did not say what, you don’t have too much burden for the baby to endure everything. Embarrassment five: you may be a small part of the small size of the mother is indeed due to excessive stress or excessive force caused by temporary incontinence, please also expected. But do not worry, this situation a lot of doctors see, they usually do not care. Six: the catheter insertion was awkward in the crowd before children, mothers will be inserted into the catheter, and out of the urine was collected, there are onlookers on Restroom feeling, gee, really?! Where is the birth mother, because mother catheter is inserted in the production process of bladder oppression, temporary loss of function, and can not recover in time can result in time of urination. However, there will be excess water in the body after production. If the catheter inserted, the excess water will harm the mother’s health, so it is very necessary to measure. Embarrassed seven: the baby does not look cute at first glance Bao Baosheng down, the nurse will be wrapped up in the arms to give her mother a look. Wow! The little guy was pink, her face is wrinkled skin white adhesive, like a)相关的主题文章:

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