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Enter the era of homogeneous   those luxury car — SUV– original title: 2.0T into the era of homogeneity of luxury SUV those 2.0T has a "golden power" of the 2.0T engine, now has been extended to the use of various types of cars, luxury brand SUV also failed to escape". Luxury cars on the topic of the use of 2.0T engine is also on this point, talking about the views of the two sides, there are voices of support, naturally there are voices of opposition. Consumers stand in different angles to think, you will come up with different answers. Luxury brand SUV collective use of 2.0T, basically out of policy or affected by the market. Words do not say, then, let us start from the product itself, together to enjoy these four models using 2.0T engine luxury brand SUV. We picked out from the market four luxury brands, including all the models are using 2.0T engine, there are separate models using a 2.0T engine. They are Volvo XC90, Audi Q740 TFSI, BMW X5xDrive28i, Lexus RX200t. Recommended models price list models MSRP (million) Volvo XC90 68.80-91.88 Audi Q7 40 TFSI 75.38-79.88 BMW X5 xDrive28i Lexus RX 75.80 200t 41.80-61.80 recommended models: Volvo XC90 MSRP (million): 68.80-91.88 models with futuristic features: appearance, interior design is simple, comfortable configuration rich XC90 as Volvo brand. The flagship SUV, pioneered the latest family design style with. In the XC90 just arrived, people can be described as its appearance is bright, there seems to be a feeling through the future. To say the most characteristic of the place, the first is "quake" headlights, vision is very beautiful, and with a strong sense of science and technology. The second is the straight waterfall type grille, front styling is particularly delicate, very domineering feeling. Side and the rear of a relatively low profile of a lot of luggage rack and chrome trim to add a bit of fashion sense, taillights also more fashionable than the old models. XC90 as the flagship brand of Volvo SUV, the first to use the latest family design style. In the XC90 just arrived, people can be described as its appearance is bright, there seems to be a feeling through the future. Volvo XC90 interior design, the use of extreme minimalist style, there is a strong Nordic luxury atmosphere. Control area has a large size LCD screen, most of the features are integrated in the Sensus system. The display effect of the screen is clear, the position tends to the driver direction, the operation is also relatively easy. Interior texture, as well as the details of the work, have reached the standard luxury SUV. LCD has a strong sense of science and technology, three spoke multifunction steering wheel can also provide a good handle. Volvo XC90 interior design, the use of extreme Jane相关的主题文章:

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