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Inventory of financial fraud in recent years are the most common routine – financial Sohu in recent years, a variety of financial fraud emerge in an endless stream, and with the development of technology, the scam is constantly updated, but many of them are routine. Financial planner on the inventory of some of the most common financial fraud in recent years, here to give you a wake up. 1 MLM pyramid schemes have always existed, but now more and more clever means of pyramid schemes, the size of the scam is also growing, especially in the field of mutual aid pyramid schemes, increasingly large. MMM financial cooperation platform as an example, recommend a person called the manager, he can establish a multi-level network of their own, if the manager invited 10 people and these people have invested, that he is "ten group manager", and so on, "100 group manager", "thousand group manager", the development of the line more bonuses are more and more, this is undoubtedly the MLM model. And pyramid schemes like this now there are endless fire, spring breeze and health potential. 2, the original stock fraud in recent years, in the "no equity rich" investment philosophy under the impact of the so-called "listed company" began to be listed the name of "financing", make a lot of doing the "overnight" dream investors frequently fall into the trap. "Our environmental protection" as an example, the company’s use of Listed Companies in Shanghai local equity market status, claiming that the "companies", and in the name of the original shares issued and 48% high-yield illegal financing 200 million yuan, involving thousands of investors. Finally, investors of the money boondoggle. 3, the Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme, also called "rob Peter to pay Paul". In simple terms, is the use of new investors’ money to pay interest and short-term returns to the old investors, in order to create the illusion of money and cheat more investment. In recent years, as in Shanxi, Kuailu, e rent treasure and other events, the Ponzi scheme is known to more people. In Shanxi as an example, the surface looks quite normal, also in high-end office space, and is known as the high yield 10%-25% or even 40%, but behind it is by the new old boss big money, spend money like water. And many other Ponzi scheme, many companies are also the same. In a word: the apple of Sodom. 4, "red envelopes" scam WeChat "red envelopes" in recent years is fast, to all the holidays must have "red envelopes" shadow, and even turn account with "red envelopes". Because of the red envelope is very widely used, some people began to use the red to cheat money. It was sent to members of the public received a "friend" received 600 yuan cosmetics vouchers WeChat red, when the people want to take, the other party has asked him to enter personal information (identity card, mobile phone, etc.) and scan two-dimensional code, in turn the people did after, but found his bank card stolen brush. After the police investigation, it was found in the two-dimensional code scanning Trojan, and the friend of WeChat has been stolen. Such as the "red envelopes" fraud in a few cases, and tricks, "red envelopes" scheme is also more and more, impossible to guard against. 5"相关的主题文章:

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