Invisible phishing site Apple 6S only sell 1280 yuan poper

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Stealth phishing site: Apple 6S only sell 1280 yuan now, people’s living standards improve, mobile phones are constantly upgrading. Shortly before the listing of the apple mobile phone, it has attracted the attention of many people. In some search engines enter the low, Apple phone and other keywords, the search results surprising. Not only the sale of Apple’s mobile phone website is very much, some of the site’s price is surprisingly low. The original price of thousands of pieces of Apple 6S mobile phone sold only 1280 yuan, but also in the sale of the remaining number of mobile phones is still rapidly reduced. Such a cheap cell phone, so hot sales, is it true? When the price of decoy to consumers under a single transfer network anti fraud expert Liu Yang: This is just an illusion, we will refresh to 100 units, to use this way to urging you to purchase orders, so that people have a sense of urgency. Experts told reporters that consumers are most concerned about the price of mobile phones is false. This site is a typical phishing sites, it simply can not afford to have such a low price of mobile phone supply, low-cost mobile phone fraud is only a single transfer of the means. Anti network fraud expert Liu Yang: a lot of people quickly underground single, after the completion of a single contact customer service, do not receive anything, and finally will find themselves cheated. Stealth phishing site: the phone version of the larger version of the fraud and phishing sites compared to the computer version of the phone version of the greater deception. Reporter using a mobile phone to scan a two-dimensional code website: after the discovery of this website and normal shopping client software is very similar, but the mobile phone screen to conceal the phishing web site, cheating is quite strong, payment is also very subtle. Anti Internet fraud expert Liu Yang: mobile browser is not like a computer, will always show this URL, you go to browse, it has been covered by the web site. Some will let you sweep this WeChat or two-dimensional code. " low charge calls " phishing sites to hide WeChat in addition, phishing sites will also become the number of WeChat public cheat money. The public often name network of franchised stores and direct calls, to lure consumers through mobile phone transfers. In this 28.8 charge of 100 calls WeChat public numbers, for example, when the reporter is ready to recharge, and found that this has not been certified public number actually provides a direct transfer payment link. Mobile phone security experts Ge Jian: after the identification of the two-dimensional code, is actually a direct transfer of the transaction, you can see how many charges, the micro signal, when you transfer you to contact the customer service, the customer may actually use various to cheat you, so this time is a trap. The regular shopping site suffered phishing "Li Gui" and the retrofit of fishing, there is a deceptive phishing site more, this is the cloning of the regular shopping site "Li Gui" website. Compared with the regular site, Li Gui site color and almost copy of payment and the site as like as two peas, also very special requirements: direct transfer to the consumers scan code.相关的主题文章:

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