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IOS 10 bed function after 2 weeks, I will not stay up late – Sohu technology Author: Xu Xianren wants to have a new start every day? First of all, you should have a good sleep. However, modern people seem to have such problems: insomnia, sleep sleep, poor sleep quality forced type…… Once the sleep, all day is useless. In order to promote regular sleep, iOS 10 this time in the new features added to the clock sleep. After a period of use, AppSo (micro signal appsolution) today to talk to you about the "sleep" this thing. A comprehensive understanding of iOS 10 to iOS 10 after the upgrade, click on the clock, you can clearly feel the "bed" for the native app do change: 1 bed options into the bed, you can start to set their own bed plan: you can choose the date of the application to plan a week, and the time to remind (very practical for obsessive-compulsive disorder sleep at night). There is a special alarm available: early risers, first light, birds, torrents of spring…… It is not difficult to see from the names of these bells that they are designed to "wake up naturally" in sleep, so that when you wake up from your sleep, the first thing you hear is the sound of the music rather than the ring. More intimate, bedtime options can be selected in the wake ring volume, no longer have to worry about mobile phone forgot to adjust the volume, appear to wake up too much or too scared to wake up, can’t hear the voice. 2 the next step is to set your bedtime and wake up time. The interface is divided into two parts, the top is the time to go to bed and get up, a few points to sleep, get up at a glance. The main part is an orange clock dial, dial each have a bedtime and wake icon, press the icon around the dial drag, you can adjust the time to get up. In the adjustment process, the top of the bed to get up time will be a corresponding change; at the same time, the middle of the dial will also show a total length of sleep. Here again to share a small operating skills: if you have a fixed sleep time, want to adjust to bed and get up according to the actual situation of every time, then, half ring just hold the mobile orange, can stay in sleep a long time not to change the situation, and adjust the bedtime and wake time. 3 sleep analysis opens the sleep function, the daily sleep data, it will help you write down. At the bottom of the bedtime interface, you can see the chart of the week’s sleep analysis. The above line is bedtime, the lines are up time. If you exceed the stipulated time, the excess part will be more than the rest of the time line; if the day is not the same, so the two line between orange bars will be different. Apple encourages regular sleep: if you want to create a perfect sleep analysis card, you have to keep it on time.相关的主题文章:

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