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IPhone with the right hand grip is better than the left hand! The reason for their own look at iPhone  4 antenna door let Jobs live a sentence, you’d better change a way to get the phone became a famous saying. Now the British media reports, a study shows that users hold for iPhone really will affect the quality of call signal, the right hand left hand is strong. IPhone with the right hand grip than the left hand media reports, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland Telecom regulatory authority, and the Nordic Council of Ministers commissioned a study on the market, the 26 mobile phone was found after the test, the intelligent mobile phone equipment in Apple voice quality is the worst of the column, iPhone  6S and 6s  the worst performance of mobile phone Plus two. But interestingly, when iPhone users the right to use, all Apple mobile phone showed a slight improvement. This is not the first encounter iPhone call problem. The 2010 release of iPhone  4; the antenna and frame together, when holding a mobile phone parts, signal to call the attenuation level. Now, the latest release of Apple’s iPhone  and iPhone  7; 7  the Plus antenna with position change, but it can not improve the user’s left hand to hold the call quality remains to be seen.相关的主题文章:

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