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IS No. two people were killed in Europe and the United States had incited the "lone wolf attacks" original title: IS No. two people were killed in Europe and the United States had fomented the "lone wolf attacks" [Global Times correspondent in Egypt Han Xiaoming newspaper correspondent Xu Zhenzhen] to support the extremist organization Islamic state "AMAK news agency reported on August 30th, the Islamic state spokesman Abu · Mohamed · Adnane was killed in Syria in northern Aleppo province. Reported that he was killed by the Islamic state organization of the highest level of membership, and with the Islamic state in Europe recruitment activities and attacks. Reported that the 39 year old Adnane is killed when instigated counterattack in the capital of Aleppo province in Aleppo City, he "in the patrol counterattack against the military offensive action in Aleppo become a martyr." But the report did not disclose which party he was killed. The United States Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook confirmed on August 30th, the United States led the fight against extremist organization Islamic State League in Syria on the day of the territory of the Islamic state spokesman Abu · Mohamed · Adnane implemented a fixed-point cleaning action, but did not confirm the death of Adnane. U.S. military is still assessing the results of the military action. The same day, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced on its official website Facebook, a Russian bomber killed about 40 members of the extremist organization Islamic state militants in northern Syria in Aleppo Province, including the IS spokesman Mohamed · A De Nani. Currently, the Syria government has not yet responded to the news. Adnane is one of the founders of the Islamic state, is considered to be second only to the · of Abu, ·,, the Islamic state of Baghdad, No. second. Adnane is the organization’s propaganda leaders had called to launch the "lone wolf attacks" on the west, and participated in the planning of Europe and other regions of the terrorist attack. The State Department last year had offered a $5 million reward for the capture of Adnane. Adnane was born in 1977 in the northern city of Syria, Pakistan, according to New York Times, reported. Banas, a resident said in an interview, Adnane’s family is very poor, his brother in the relatively wealthy grandfather’s orchard, watering olive trees for a living. In 2003 after the Iraq war, Adnane was one of the first in Iraq against the US led coalition forces, and foreign fighters involved in the establishment of a "base" branch of the organization; he had been put into the United States located in the Iraqi desert prison camp bucca, many leaders later established the Islamic state have been held. The Syria crisis more than a year later, Adnane and other Syria’s "base" branch of the organization members returned to Syria to infiltrate opposition to the Assad regime’s opposition, and the eventual establishment of Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria — "Ezra front". According to Broadcasting British Corporation, June 2014, Adnane announced in the · of Abu; · of the; the.相关的主题文章:

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