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Is the refrigerator really going to explode? Do not use this refrigerator again recently, such a message triggered concern online. Fujian Nanan Qiu Yang Cun Merrill a two storey brick house, the 8 year old boy ash (a pseudonym) and 6 year old sister flower (a pseudonym) lying on the ground, the body is full of traces of burns, never stopped breathing. After the incident, the refrigerator in the room on the second floor has been burned, the top was blown fly, connected to the refrigerator wire also burned. The child’s grandmother told reporters, 21 PM to 5 am, see the grandchildren to sleep on the first floor of the room, the door unlatched after work in the field. Thirty or forty minutes later, back home, he smelled something burning, saw black smoke from the sleeping room out of grandchildren. The old man rushed into the smoke, ash and flowers will hold out, but still late, two people are not breathing. The child’s family speculated that the accident was caused by the sudden explosion of the refrigerator in the room. Some people think that the problem may be caused by wire. At present, the police in conjunction with the fire department is investigating the cause of the accident. The refrigerator will explode, which many people don’t even think about. Why does this seemingly safe appliance become so dangerous? In fact, some improper operation, the refrigerator will become dangerous! 1, the coke in the refrigerator will be bottled or canned liquid (especially coke and other carbonated liquid) stored in the freezer, bottles or cans will have the risk of explosion. This is due to the dissolution of carbonated drinks a large number of gases, the solubility of the gas will be reduced with increasing temperature. The carbonated drinks and beer cans are sealed, drink ice volume expansion. Remove the frozen carbonated drinks from the room after the gas inside the drink will precipitate a lot in a short period of time, resulting in the internal pressure, so easy in the opening moments of explosion. Flammable items 2, flammable items fridge freezer storage easy to alcohol, gasoline and other volatile, due to the small volume of the refrigerator is easy to form explosive mixtures, such as starting a spark, is likely to fire explosion. 3, glass on the refrigerator or freezer outlet glass bottles or glass containers can not be placed in the freezer outlet or freezer air duct system, it will cause the bottle burst, causing injury to the human body. In 4, the refrigerator is placed on the top of the refrigerator and other appliances not placed around and use microwave oven, electric cooker, electric regulator with electromagnetic induction. This is because, with electromagnetic induction of electrical appliances, refrigerator refrigeration system will produce electromagnetic interference, which will lead to the refrigerator temperature control device to start a chaotic state, that is, the thermostat is broken. In addition, microwave ovens and refrigerators put together will cause resonance, bad equipment and power consumption. In addition to refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and other household appliances, in the case of improper use, will also cause fatal harm to people! 1, the use of microwave ovens do not use metal utensils: furnace into iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal utensils, microwave oven will generate electric spark and reflection of microwave heating and, not only damage the furnace and unfamiliar food. Avoid fried foods: high temperature oil will appear as a guide.相关的主题文章:

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