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Japan to send warships to Malaysia second-hand Japanese media said the aid of his country against Chinese data figure: Japanese patrol ships according to Japan’s Kyodo News 4 reported that the Japanese government sources, the government decided to provide 4 days of basic two second-hand large patrol boats to Malaysia. Reported that the move is to deal with the strengthening of China’s marine activities, while the South China Sea countries to aid. Kyodo news agency said, Malaysia’s prime minister Najibuben mid month visit matters are coordinated, the prime minister Abe Shinzo is expected in the summit talks to Naguib officially announced to send boats. "Relevant person" said, the Japanese side will send the coast guard used a total length of 90 meters two patrol boats, plans to use Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) repair, the fastest in January transferred to Malaysia. Japan’s "help Southeast Asian countries to enhance maritime guard ability is quite positive. The country has now begun to provide Philippines with 10 patrol boats of about 40 meters in length, after Japan had provided patrol boats to Vietnam and Indonesia. Kyodo news agency said Japan also intends to work with the United States and other countries to join hands to promote aid to Southeast Asian countries". Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib’s visit to China in November 6th to October 31st, during his visit by some western media as "close to Chinese". 3, 2009, China and France issued a joint press statement, stressed the importance of maintaining peace, security and stability in the South China Sea and the importance of freedom of navigation and freedom of flight in accordance with international law. The two countries believe that not directly related parties involved in the dispute will not help solve the problem.相关的主题文章:

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