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Jielun Xiangyang adapted "shuangjiegun" team Na Ying Jay Chou love song is moving toward the ocean Sina entertainment news "shuangjiegun" is one of the highest degree of Jay Chou sung songs, had had a number of students chose this song as their adaptation tracks, before Chen Zitong weird hip-hop version, after the tour Miao dialect find everything fresh and new edition. Tonight, Jielun personally surgeon, to "shuangjiegun" changed greatly, a lot of friends shouted "don’t be" shuangjiegun "". In order to maximize to foreign talent show, Jielun in the song as he designed the opening, "SOLO harmonica harmonica with flying BBbox" interlude, Jielun even accompanied the Scotland ocean to the dance show. Due to the ocean had less contact with rap, Jielun deliberately made extraordinary move pre — brought to the ocean to the gym to the ocean, let him sing on the edge of the flywheel "shuangjiegun", to the ocean through the training, said "I think I can challenge Chinese good tongue". Na Ying [micro-blog] team this year winning the continuation of the traditional songs in the past, adhere to the "more pure power more moving" articles two good songs she will stand on the stage of the finals. Li Peiling as the angelic voice from the blind began, no one has been able to resist. Wang Chenrui as the biggest dark horse this year, she sang solid and stable play for all to see. And tonight is the apprentice three people brought a song "love to love you lonely", Wang Chenrui and Li Peiling two were black and white two skirt off the stage bright flowers in full bloom, more gentle touching song. A song sings charming as if weeping and complaining. Tender girl folded together, echoed in the nest over, dreamy songs and let the audience moved at the scene. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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