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Jin and Zheng: 20 years old is already a member of the political circle of North Korea [Abstract]2000, the primary school graduation gold and is back to North Korea, live in the apartment, many people take care of her life and ensure her safety. Served as the British ambassador to Pyongyang John · Evra of the British "Guardian" said that if Kim Jeong-eun’s accident, most likely to succeed him in governing the country, is a 27 year old Kim and positive, and the gold and the right to participate in the management of daily affairs of North Korea is also "not impossible". However, Evra said, "that this inference and falsification is also difficult". According to South Korean media reports, Kim and he was born in September 26, 1987, Kim Jong-il and Gao Yingji’s daughter, Kim Jeong-eun with the same father with the mother of 7 children, Kim Jong-il is known in the family. She is said to have studied at Kim Il-Sung University and has been trained by private teachers in both English and french. According to South Korean media reported sporadic, it is not difficult to put together a gold and are lack of parental care, growth in childhood with his brother. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" said, when young, she and her brother Jin Zhengzhe, brother of Kim Jeong-eun, the mother of Gao Yingji living in the central area of Pyongyang outside of the apartment, they have little knowledge. On her birthday or important day, she will be younger and younger brothers and sisters, dressed in the uniform of the Korean people’s army, met by father Kim Jong-il. The last century in 90s, Gao Yingji to Switzerland, France and other places to treat breast disease, can not take care of young girls. In the spring of 1996, Jin Zhengzhe, who was under the age of 9, was studying at a boarding school in Switzerland with Mr. and Mrs. Kim Jeong-eun. It is said that her school is very close to Kim Jeong-eun. Home video left Kim Jeong-eun with his sister to attend the concert. In 2000, the primary school graduated from the gold and is back to North Korea, live in the apartment, many people take care of her life and ensure her safety. South Korean media said, a then school workers later revealed that the high school period of gold and is being over protective, more than women to serve her and drove her to school". Mother Gao Yingji and other family members often visit Kim and her house. In view of the existing information, as early as 2009~2010 years, Jin and has been deeply involved in the Korean politics. DailyNK website reporter Christopher · Green said, and Kim are served as the father ‘s secretary, responsible for arranging his visit matters, probably also served in the National Defence Commission and Kim Jong-il’s private secretary office. North Korean state media for the unexposed family leader always avoided, long time inevitable omissions. In September 2010, South Korean media in the Labor Party Congress photo, found a young woman, after repeated comparison, confirmation and Kim are. Her stance, Kim and positive although only in early twenty, is a member of the North Korean political circle core. By 2011, she was a routine trip Kim Jong-il suite. Korean media that Kim and father are effective at the same time, also participated in the work of publicity and momentum to carry Kim Jeong-eun brother. In December 2011 after the death of Kim Jong-il and Kim are appearing in the image report, at least two picture, she led a public official, bowing to Kim Jong-il’s coffin. But at this time, in"相关的主题文章:

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