Ji’nan unmarried people over 22 years of age or the housing market in the housing market to cool dow-remonstrate

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Ji’nan: over 22 years of age, unmarried persons or buyers in the property market are facing a slowdown. The Qilu network October 9th purchase rules were issued, which had a great impact on the buyers and the real estate market. On the first day of the new deal, the policy research was not thorough and the materials were not prepared enough to make some people unprepared. According to the "good morning Shandong" reported that a Ji’nan people said: "too much now, just because the first working day, so I don’t know, I am blind, feeling the stones, do not too smooth." There are only married persons and single men and women aged 18 to 22 or 20. Unmarried persons over 22 years of age or obstacles to buying a house. The public sector in Shandong signed column be taken by surprise to suspend real estate Shao Shujing told reporters: "is that the Civil Affairs Bureau on the unmarried proof, so that now the policy, you cannot define a single, are you married or not married, this one is a challenge, is the hope that the government can coordinate the unmarried the definition of a proof, can." Missed before October 3rd net signed, Mr Zhou citizens chagrin. After the purchase of the purchase, the first payment of the purchase from 20% to 30%, the pressure of funds followed. Mr. Zhou of Ji’nan: "the first payment increased from 20% to 30%, and it was suddenly promoted in the holiday, and we were not prepared for it." As a working class, this 100 thousand is not a small number. " Limited purchase will also cause a lot of people to lose the qualification of buying a house. The purchase began in October 3rd, 3 days after the net qualified buyers will face the new audit, if you do not meet the purchase requirements, to handle network signed in October 14th before the revocation. 同时由于购房人信息查询系统正在进行升级测试,即日起暂停商品房网签。 Shandong real estate column Shao Shujing said: "we signed a loan, there are said to have been completed, may belong to the purchase, if not done in this part of the network, will be stopped." The wait-and-see increased property or usher in cool since the afternoon of October 2nd Ji’nan version of the purchase order issued, the property market in Ji’nan net signed volume decreased rapidly. In October 2nd, residential net signed volume of 1652 units, 7 sets of net signed volume dropped to 167. After the policy, the Ji’nan property market will develop, and more people will take a wait-and-see attitude. "Because the policy has just come out, we haven’t made a decision yet, and then look at it," Ms. Shaw said. Experts, this round of purchase, the market has cooled. Li Tiegang, a professor at the school of economics, Shandong University, said: "in the nationwide cooling environment, Ji’nan is cooling down. I feel this temperature is going to drop." Splash cold water, reduce expectations, a series of policies to guide the benign operation of the real estate market. Shandong Zhong Zhu real estate Shao Shujing said: "I think the purpose of the government’s real estate regulation is to correctly guide the investment orientation of consumers for real estate, or to protect the rigid demand, and crack down on this investment behavior. Li Tiegang, a professor at the school of economics, Shandong University, said: "first, we must fight against excessive investment and excessive speculation in the market to stabilize the market. Second, we should crack down on false propaganda in the market, false sales and disrupting market sales. Third non rational purchase in the market, irrational investment to cool it. The ultimate goal is to maintain the benign and sustainable development of the real estate market. "

济南:22岁以上未婚人员或遇购房障碍 楼市迎来降温   齐鲁网10月9日讯 限购细则出台,对于购房者和房地产市场都产生了不小的影响。新政实施第一天,政策研究不透彻,材料准备不充分,让一些市民措手不及。   据《早安山东》报道,一位济南市民表示:“太繁琐了现在,因为刚刚第一个工作日,好多咱不知道,咱也很盲目,摸着石头过河,办得不太顺利。”   由于可以开具限购资料人员仅限于已婚人士和18周岁到22或者20周岁的单身男女。22岁以上未婚人员或遭遇购房障碍。   市民措手不及 部门暂停网签   山东中柱地产邵淑静告诉记者:“就是说民政局不开这个未婚证明了,所以说现在出的政策,你是没法界定这个单身,你是结婚还是没有结婚,这一块是一个挑战,就是希望政府能协调,把这些未婚的,出个证明,能界定。”   错过了10月3日前的网签,市民周先生懊恼不已。限购出来后,购房首付由两成提高至了三成,资金压力随之而来。   济南市民周先生:“首付从20%提高到了30%,而且是假期突然间提升的,给我们措手不及。作为工薪阶层,这10万也是不小的数字。”   限购也将使很多人失去购房资格。限购10月3日开始实施, 3日之后的网签者的购房资格将面临重新审核,如果不符合限购要求,要在10月14日之前办理网签撤销。同时由于购房人信息查询系统正在进行升级测试,即日起暂停商品房网签。   山东中柱地产邵淑静说:“我们贷款签的件,还有说已经成交的,可能会属于限购的件,如果说没有做过网签的,这一部分会被限制住。”   观望者增多 楼市或迎来降温   自10月2日下午济南版限购令出台以来,济南的楼市网签量迅速下降。10月2日,住宅网签量为1652套,7日网签量降至167套。政策之后,济南楼市将如何发展,更多市民持观望态度。   肖女士表示:“因为政策刚出来,我们还没有做决定,再观望一下子。”   专家介绍,这轮限购,市场已降温。   山东大学经济学院教授李铁岗表示:“在全国这种降温大环境下,济南在降温,我感觉这个温度肯定能降得下来。”   泼冷水、降预期,一系列政策引导房产市场良性运转。   山东中柱地产邵淑静说:“我觉得政府这次房地产调控,目的还是正确引导消费者对于房地产的投资导向,还是保护刚需,严厉打击这种投资客的行为。”   山东大学经济学院教授李铁岗称:“第一打击市场里的过度投资与过度投机来去稳定市场,第二打击市场里的虚假宣传,虚假销售,扰乱市场销售这样一种行为。第三个对市场里的非理性购买,非理性投资对它进行降温。最终的目的是维持房地产市场的良性和可持续性发展。”相关的主题文章:

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