Jinhan sing beautiful Weiyang episode was Guo Jingming predicted red (video) plustek

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Jinhan sing "beautiful Weiyang" episode was Guo Jingming predicted red Tencent entertainment news broadcast in November 13th late "beautiful Weiyang" in the episode "unlock fifth surprise because I", and this song is playing the "history of Yunnan" gold Han sang. Since the "Jinxiu Weiyang" since the launch, with the role of Jinhan gained high attention, viewers have said "so bad general but handsome people can not extricate themselves". "Beautiful" Weiyang is Jinhan starred in the first costume drama, he learned that in order to better show the action part of a number of injuries during filming, dedication is commendable. Although Jinhan is performing professional background, but he and the music’s fate is deep, he worked in the college as Hu Yanbin sang the song "surviving", "love, how" two songs MV actor, later participated in the big matches "Chinese good man", all the way through to get third, judge Guo Jingming is a plus for jincham preference, had predicted he would be red. The "fate" because I once open, won praise, Jin Han once again to the public display of his singing ability. "Beautiful" Weiyang new actor Kim Han Tang Yan bold confession相关的主题文章:

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