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SEO Keyword selection plays very important role in process of Google optimization and so ignoring it can never work in your favor. Why is keyword selection so important for Google optimization? When you are planning to carry out SEO campaign, ensure that you start with proper keyword selection. Optimization of right keyword is very much essential to achieve the desired audience. SEO is the road which has many blocks to cover and if start itself goes wrong then no one can stop you from experiencing the bumpy ride. Are you aware of something called as online population? Online population is nothing but the number of people making search related to particular keyword. If you are aware of such population then selection of keyword can become easy process. You can also determine the level of competition involved with particular keyword. Be realistic with your goal If you select the keyword with single word then availing positive result can be next to impossible job that to on constant basis. With one word keyword it is not possible to constantly achieve the top rank. To set realistic goal you need to select the keyword of more than two to three words. For this you need to carry out keyword research work on the basis of long tail keyword search. The keyword you select should describe your content properly and should not be something out of the world. Be sure with keyword density aspect If you think that stuffing article, with popular keyword without considering the density aspect is worthwhile then you are getting completely wrong. Stuffing unnecessarily keywords to your website won’t work in your favor but instead will lead you towards spamming. Proper density can be adding two to three keywords in five hundred word article. This can determine your Genuineness. Be perfect with stuffing of keyword People have misconception that stuffing web content or SEO articles with keyword can bring their website to number one ranking. But that is not the scenario in SEO world. Your website and be declared as spam if you try to reach to number one position by unethical means. If you are writing content for around 400 to 500 words then see to it that you add at least 3 to 4 keywords. Google optimization is incomplete without proper keyword selection so ensure that you do not go wrong with selection process. Make use of Google keyword tool to analyze the best keyword suitable for your online business. Using such tool can help you to determine the competition involved with particular keyword. This can help you to build SEO strategies accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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