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King Bhumibhol of Thailand died Prince requirements with people of the same – Beijing was suspended and map: Vajiralongkorn. Source: Agence France-Presse. Beijing, October (Xinhua) Thailand king Bhumibhol died at the age of 88, at the age of 14. According to Central News Agency reports, Thailand’s prime minister Pakistan said he earlier to Thailand’s crown prince Vajiralongkorn, crown prince and the king of Thailand and people together for a period of time, was suspended. Pakistan fertility told reporters: let us wait for the appropriate time". He said, "I see the prince today, he asked for some time to prepare, and then he declared the new king." Thailand later that day to convene a special session of Congress, especially after the end of the meeting, did not formally ask the prince ascended the throne. Pirasa, vice president of the Congress of Thailand (Peerasak Porchit), said: "today there is no resolution, we wait for the next step." Data figure: Thailand Wang Bhumibhol. The king of Thailand? Adu died, the Prime Minister of Thailand prayudh said earlier, Thailand national mourning for 1 years. Prayudh announced the death of Bhumibhol in the royal family to the nation issued a statement shortly after, the king has designated the heir to the throne in 1972, the government will inform Congress of relevant decisions. Pakistan did not specify Vajiralongkorn to the throne as the new king of Thailand in 1972, but Bhumibhol canonized as the crown prince Vajiralongkorn. Pakistan education through all the TV channel said in a statement: "the government will proceed to the throne. The government will inform the national assembly, the king Bhumibhol has designated the heir to the throne in December 28, 1972." Pakistan education refers to the date of Prince Vajiralongkorn was closed. Pakistan Education said in a statement, the country will enter a period of 1 years of mourning, all recreational activities must be suspended for 30 days.相关的主题文章:

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