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Koal soda Creek black cotton wool suspension dealer said put more soda soda why recalled was a drink of water black floccules, dealers did not provide a record of the recall in August this year, Mr. Wang bought several boxes of soda drinking water in Xin Jiamiao wholesale food market, recently stumbled suspended black cotton wool in water, suspended solids with a large fingernail size. Mr. Wang is in the Xi’an District of the city of Lintong in the unopened soda bottle. In July this year, he was in Xi’an City Xin Jiamiao wholesale food market and prosperous grocery store bought 6 boxes of the origin of the Henan Jiaozuo Xi koal soda, each box of 24 bottles, 350 ml bottle. In August, he bought 5 boxes of koal soda Creek in the store. Mr. Wang said, a water company staff a few days ago, found at the bottom of plastic bottles covered with mildew, he opened the remaining four boxes of water, found two boxes had obvious black cotton wool suspension. He asked the store, the store owner to provide him with the dealer’s phone. Dealers explained that the soda put more, is willing to pay 2000 yuan. The batch of soda manufacturers issued a recall notice in September 6th morning, Weiyang District food and drug administration law enforcement officers came to the Daming Palace management Xin Jiamiao wholesale food market prosperity and grocery store, for Mr. Wang in the store to buy a soda Creek Siegel, one surnamed Lu said that the boss. Lu said the boss, not much soda water, the store is currently only 3 boxes, are produced in August. Law enforcement officers at the scene to open a box view, did not find the problem. Food sales voucher issued by the boss Lu Xi’s water, show him in July 10, 2016 from Lianhu gppc Market Department of Food Distribution Department into 20 boxes of soda Creek Siegel, the production date of July 7, 2016. For this group of water, Lu boss said "a problem", he issued the "manufacturers product recall notice", "confirmed, Xi koal soda product defects, will decide the production date of July 7, 2016 product recall." Notice dated July 15th. When asked by law enforcement officers in July after receiving the notice to return the number of issues of water, whether there are records, Lu boss did not reply. So why did you sell them to Mr. Wang in August? In this regard, the boss explained that the problem is in the hands of Mr. Wang is the water in July to buy a few boxes. In this regard, Mr. Wang said that in July to buy water as early as finished, and he bought in August, unfortunately, he did not ask for the two time to buy invoices. Bottles of soda in Mr. Wang the unopened, China Daily reporter saw a black cotton wool obviously floats, some plastic bottles and the like inside the bottom of moldy attachments. The bottle on the display of the water production date of July 7, 2016, production address for Mengzhou city of Henan province Huichang office small Po Zhang Cun, Mengzhou City, Seagal drinking water for manufacturers. September 6th, according to the carton packaging printed on the beginning of the 400 national customer service phone, China Daily reporter repeatedly call, but no one answered. Koal repeatedly on soda Creek相关的主题文章:

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