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Korean TV: "Wanted" at the bottom "W" ending "Wanted" regret "decline ending jealousy" Avatar "clouds Moonlight" Sina entertainment news recently Korean drama ratings competition tends to be stable, "W- two" period although a small world ratings decline, but is still 11.7% at the same time in ratings champion, "KBS" to any attachment ratings of 8.4% to second place, while the SBS "Wanted" in ending the occasion in its lowest ratings since its launch, with 4.8% digital regret ending. The drama on fire during basic competition has no suspense, SBS "Doctors" thriving, MBC "Monster" although ratings steadily improved, but the 50 episode series share has been difficult to attract new audiences. Once again, the audience will open next week in the smoke, "Moonlight", "clouds of envy," Avatar "our fairing" etc. in each period of the new fiery strikes, the championship will open up. "Wanted" bottom ending slightly regret ratings although the launch is only 5.9%, but this set of suspense, reasoning, crime, television and other elements in one scene full of rhythm burning brain series aired after received praise from the audience, more media that this work is following the "Signal" after another masterpiece and this drama, watercress score reached a score of 8, high enough to see the show, but the good evaluation is not equal to good ratings, if only from the ratings to determine if there is no doubt that the SBS "Wanted" to fail in the end. "Wanted" from the actress Zheng Huiren (Kim Ah Joong) son was kidnapped, described Zheng Huiren in accordance with the requirements in the implementation of the provisions of the prisoners live show in the course of the mission, but "Wanted" is not simply about the kidnapping of the works, in the play also reflects the child abuse, illegal trial, imitation of crime in the process of problem, live broadcasts, multiple involved television, large enterprises, the police and other departments for their own interests to make choices, but also let the audience in the process of viewing deeply touched. The writer is new, but in the works is very innovative, it will support transplantation in the critically acclaimed Korean scene in recent years, crime movie plot to broadcast television drama, more diverse reveals the author’s skill and thinking of the society, is a valuable TV works general. "Wanted" ratings is not satisfactory, but most of the audience is not recognized genre for this reason, met one of Hallyu star series with the schedule of works is the biggest pressure. MBC W- "two world" although this week because of TV live broadcast of the Olympic Games has declined, but still 11.7% ratings rank champion, "KBS" is the story of any attachment Tucao routine too old, but still in Yan value of the dead through the 8.4% ratings, therefore, the romantic drama still drama the leading role of the market. The new wave struck next Monday will hit drama)相关的主题文章:

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