La Reunion and I think you tasted all the adventure tourism Sohu

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| La Reunion and I think you tasted all the adventure tourism Sohu dear I have all ready to do a good job and you tasted all the adventures of the 1 I have been curious, from the beginning of occupation is travel, what is the problem of the readers’ questions most? That day just finished a journey, on the way home from the airport, bored to check the phone number. Found that people have been asking, is not a place where the Raiders, how to shoot a certain photo. Not even in the middle of the night and suddenly burst into a section of chicken soup. The most frequently asked question is, are you traveling alone? 2 on the "one" trip, I’d like to chew a hypocritical: the objective reality of the "one" travel, should be a person to eat, a person to sleep, a person to see the scenery, a person to express feelings. However, because of work reasons, every time out will have different partners and partners, they are often fresh, strange, even with a bed girl, may be the first meeting. Look lively journey, but the total is in the quiet, miss those can play down the road a giggly friend, and waited at home that he, the spirit of "one" travel, sometimes more terrible loneliness. 3 this feeling summed up in a sentence, is: "if you are in the good" has been published. So I opened a new topic in Sina micro-blog, called for the journey of book at eight o’clock in the evening, on time sharing a journey can accompany the text. As the first part of the opening, it is a person’s Thoughts: "so I turned my head and put my nose on the window glass to recite every moment. Well, you have to remember all of this. Go back and talk to you. Then I began to recite some other interesting things, helpless things, sad things, funny things… Why… A personal travel encounter so many things need to recite it, if I don’t throw them to recite it, come back, how can we tell you what I see. What, hear?" Almost a month without writing, always on the run. At the end of August, after the turn, after ten hours of flight landing this is called Reunion (Reunion) island in the southern hemisphere, in Africa, in winter. Originally in order to moderate two degrees for summer clothing, by some anomalous winds in the depths of the trunk. Put on your pants and coat, this adventure is just beginning. Reunion Island, the first French overseas territory, can not back the literary works, the most famous, should be Robert · Lewis’s "treasure island". Along with the pirate story of my youth, the legend is that the volcanic island. As the last adventure island in India ocean,.相关的主题文章:

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