Land price stimulates housing prices in Ji’nan’s Ji’nan property market in August, the highest rise

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Land prices stimulate housing prices, the Ji’nan property market has 13 consecutive gains, the increase in August has been nearly 9 years, the highest 19 days. The National Bureau of statistics released the latest data of 70 city property market. In August, the price of new housing in Ji’nan rose 3.2%, the highest gain in nearly nine years, ranking the twelfth in the country. Since August last year, housing prices in Ji’nan have risen 13. In September 19th, the National Bureau of statistics issued the statistics of the housing sales price of 70 large and medium cities in August. Statistics show that house prices continued to rise in the country in August. In Ji’nan, new housing prices rose by 3.2% in August, 10% from the same period, 2.2% of second-hand housing prices, and 6.2% year-on-year. The price of new house is twelfth. Since August last year, housing prices in Ji’nan have risen 13. In July, the price of new house in Ji’nan was only 0.9%, but the price of new house in August rose by 3.2%, which increased significantly, creating a new high in recent years. Since last August, the price of new housing in Ji’nan has risen steadily. The price of new houses has increased by 1.1% in April this year, and the price of new houses in May has increased by 1% compared with that in other months. The other month is less than 1%. In addition, Qingdao’s new housing price rose 2.1%, up 6.6% compared to the same period in the rest of the statistics cities in the rest of the province, while the second-hand housing market rose 1.1%, up 2.6% compared to the same period last year. New housing prices in Yantai rose by 0.5%, up 3.4% from the same period, 0.5% of the second – hand housing cycle, and 1.2% over the same period. The price of new housing in Jining rose by 0.2%, 0.2% from the same period, 0.3% of the second-hand housing cycle, 0.3% up from the same period. The number of cities in the national property market rose in August, and the number of cities increased. The prices of newly built and secondhand residential houses are 64 and 57, respectively, by 13 and 6, respectively, compared with last month. At the same time, the price of two or three line cities rose obviously. 7 cities, such as Wuhan, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Nanchang and Ji’nan, rose by 10% over the same period of the same period. Xu Hui holding President Raymond Lam said that, unlike in the past, the characteristic of the house price in the past is "the house is in front of the house, the quantity is in the first price." "This round of price rises is’ in front of the house, the price is in the first ‘, breaking the law before. The land market is too hot, and the rise in land prices continues to stimulate the rise of the price of the house. " Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said: "the nationwide high price turnover lasted for half a year. In August, it became the most expensive month in history." Raymond Lam said: "we have done a survey on the purpose of buying a house in second line cities, and found that about 30% of them belong to the investment. The financial attributes of residential products are becoming more and more strong, the functional properties are becoming weaker and weaker, and the attributes of self use or lease are becoming weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is a difficult task for local governments to restrain the rise of house prices. " (Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Wei Xinli and Yu Wen). The copyright, pictures and audio-video data of this manuscript belong to the Qilu Evening News. No media or individuals can be reproduced without authorization. Violators will be held accountable according to law. ]

地价刺激房价济南楼市13连涨 8月涨幅创近9年最高   19日,国家统计局发布70城楼市最新数据,8月份济南新房价格环比上涨3.2%,创下近九年来的最高涨幅,涨幅居全国第12位。从去年8月开始,济南房价已经实现了13连涨。   9月19日,国家统计局发布了8月份70个大中城市住宅销售价格统计数据。统计数据显示,8月份全国房价继续上涨。济南8月份新房价格环比上涨3.2%,同比上涨10%,二手房价格环比上涨2.2%,同比上涨6.2%。新房价格涨幅位于第12位。从去年8月开始,济南房价已经实现了13连涨。   7月份济南新房价格环比涨幅仅为0.9%,而8月份新房价格环比上涨3.2%,涨幅明显扩大,创下近年来的新高。从去年8月算起,济南新房价格环比上涨幅度一直较为平稳,其中今年4月新房价格环比上涨1.1%,5月新房价格环比上涨1%,其他月份都低于1%。   另外,省内其他统计的城市中,青岛新房价格环比上涨2.1%,同比上涨6.6%;二手房环比上涨1.1%,同比上涨2.6%。烟台新房价格环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨3.4%;二手房环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨1.2%。济宁新房价格环比上涨0.2%,同比下降0.2%;二手房环比上涨0.3%,同比上涨0.3%。   8月全国楼市价格环比上涨城市个数有所增加。新建商品住宅和二手住宅价格环比上涨的城市分别有64个和57个,分别比上月增加13个和6个。在普涨的同时,二三线城市房价攀升明显。武汉、无锡、郑州、南昌和济南等7城新房价格同比涨幅达10%。   旭辉控股总裁林峰表示,与以往不同,往年房价的特点是“房在地前,量在价先”。“这一轮房价上涨却是‘地在房前,价在量先’,打破了之前的规律。土地市场太热,地价上涨持续刺激房价上涨。”   中原地产首席分析师张大伟称:“全国范围内的高价地成交热潮持续了半年之久,8月份更成为史上高价地最密集的月份。”   林峰说:“我们针对二线城市购房目的做过调查统计,发现大概有30%属于投资。住宅产品的金融属性越来越强,功能属性越来越弱,自用或租赁的属性越来越弱。因此,对地方政府来说,抑制房价上涨是一个比较艰巨的任务。”   (齐鲁晚报·齐鲁壹点记者 魏新丽 喻雯)   [本稿件所含文字、图片和音视频资料,版权均属齐鲁晚报所有,任何媒体或个人未经授权不得转载,违者将依法追究责任。]相关的主题文章:

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