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A large Bulldog to the human baby nanny scene warm love (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to foreign media reports, the big dog is not the dogs, large dogs can also be love the two large dog breeder experience to prove this point. One is called "Bella they fed" (Belle) bulldog, although the shape of "tough", but already tender on the inside, to the home of the human baby as a nanny. The dog breeder Gela (Jara Derochey) in the online upload and Bulldog "their son Bella" along with warm scene. I saw Bella lay back on the sofa, lying on the stomach with the baby, a paw on the baby, but also bow licked a few baby face. The baby is not afraid, but is very happy and Bella together. Gela specializes in large dog breeding. According to him, after the breeding and optimization of variety, large dogs he raised are very docile, no threat to animal and human, do not look at them a huge size, but it is better than the Labrador temper.相关的主题文章:

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