Large chunks of meat to drink a bowl of wine is very suitable for Hakka – Sohu eat and

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Large pieces of meat and drinking bowl to eat and drink to the Sohu is very suitable in Hakka Hakka dishes or very love, what fish and ducks, carnivorous animal will love, Hakka dishes, there are also a number of characteristics of the dishes, across the Xiamen six in a Hakka, Hakka cuisine is the main business, and has been open for eleven years. From the opening to now is in Xiahe Road No. 323 Mercure Plaza, now the catering industry competition is too fierce, can open eleven years, also has many visible gourmands welcome. Shop up and down two floors, there are boxes in the lobby, but the overall environment is not good, suitable for a variety of meals. The store is shipped from Longyan. Guaranteed quality. Dry river frog: This is used and Hetian and rice wine with a pressure cooker for steaming, open the pressure cooker, fragrant, with a piece of fresh meat, chewy super tasty, the practice of Hetian more delicious, Zambia, braised pork Hill: this small mountain pig head however, meat is more Q than the general pork more fragrant, well cooked, carnivorous animal said very love. Hakka: pork steamed pork with rice flour and other seasonings and Rice noodles made of steamed pork with rice flour is the Hakka dishes, marbled crispy and refreshing. Under the Dried tofu is also very good old duck soup to greasy soup: fresh bamboo, bamboo shoots is the kind of long field for duck stew, also very fragrant. Reservoir braised turtle turtle: eat a lot of practice, the practice is very delicious braised meat, fragrant shells teeth tape rich, this dish is not only delicious nutrition is excellent. Huang bone fish Braised Tofu: under the fire, while hot to eat meat crisp tender, tender tofu is enough. This is the nine door colorful Hakka dishes together. Nine parts of cattle on the crisp fried together, each bite is very crisp, dishes. Chicken noodle is made of Russula Russula for soup soup is so red, like chicken soup noodles so named, mellow, very good to eat Q. Boiled okra gumbo: nutrition and health care value is more and more heated pursuit, boiled flavor sauce to eat, it is very healthy eating. Hakka is also a feature of the Hakka food grain: taro, taro do, soft waxy fragrant cool unique flavor. Acid pepper white Qianyu: this fish is from Longyan, there is no fish, very tender, the soup do a little spicy and sour, to a pot of delicious appetizers, choice. Hakka rice wine can be heated ice can also drink, sweet wine and sweet and well into the throat, large pieces of meat and drinking bowl, it is suitable for mezze with kelp, mixed with fungus mixed with cucumber, are very crisp to Hakka (eleven years old) address: Xiahe Road No. 323 Mercure Plaza 8-9 (Xiamen six opposite) Tel: 0592-3859123 0592-3859088相关的主题文章:

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