Last week, the temperature in Huaian dropped sharply the city vegetable prices rose and

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Last week, the temperature dropped sharply in Huaian   urban vegetable prices rose and hit – People’s Jiangsu Channel – People’s original title: cooling, snow, raising vegetable prices, the temperature dropped sharply last week, the city’s vegetable prices rose. According to the monitoring data of city price monitoring center on display before last week, 32 kinds of vegetables, the average price per 500 grams than last week rose 7.38 percentage points, the price rose to 3.73 yuan. According to the monitoring, by the cold weather and the first snowfall this winter, vegetable prices rose last week a large area, 32 kinds of vegetables and 13 varieties of rose more than 10%, with rape, cucumber, radish, eggplant, pepper, leek, lettuce, bean, mushroom and rose sharply, the soybean rose 34.29%, rose 22.22% rose mushroom, pepper 19.44%. By comparison, there were only 3 varieties of celery, green pepper and spinach. The number and amplitude of the rise or fall, driven by the overall rise in vegetable prices last week. Specific to the price, the price of one or two yuan per 500 grams of vegetables is less than last week, leaving only 10 varieties, accounting for less than 50%, of which, "one yuan dishes" is less, leaving only a few varieties of Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and so on. Each 500 grams price reaches more than 4 yuan to 9 varieties of vegetables, beans, garlic, pepper respectively, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, mushroom, garlic and ginger. "The weather conditions have great influence on the price of vegetables, the cool ferocious, plus snow, will to some extent raise the price of vegetables." City price monitoring center related staff analysis, immediately into December, cold weather will become the norm, is not conducive to the growth and storage of vegetables, which will further affect the vegetable prices. Therefore, in the future, the public food basket or unspeakable "relaxed"". (Song Yingying) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 上周淮安气温骤降 市区菜价应声而涨–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:降温降雪抬高菜价   上周气温骤降,市区菜价应声而涨。据市价格监测中心日前的监测数据显示,上周32种蔬菜每500克均价较上上周大涨7.38个百分点,现价升至3.73元。   根据监测,受低温天气和今冬首场降雪影响,上周菜价大面积上涨,32种蔬菜中有13个品种涨幅超过一成,油菜、黄瓜、萝卜、茄子、尖椒、韭菜、生菜、毛豆、平菇等均有较大幅度上涨,其中毛豆大涨34.29%,平菇上涨22.22%,尖椒上涨19.44%。与之相比,下跌的仅有芹菜、青椒、菠菜3个品种。数量以及幅度的涨多跌少,推动了上周菜价的整体上扬。   具体到价格上,目前每500克价格一两元的蔬菜比上周又少了一些,仅剩下10个品种,占比不到五成,其中,“一元菜”更是少之又少,只剩下大白菜、豆芽等为数不多的几个品种。而每500克价格达到或超过4元的蔬菜达到9个品种,分别为尖椒、豆角、蒜苔、花菜、西兰花、蘑菇、平菇、蒜头和生姜。   “天气情况对菜价影响很大,这次降温来势凶猛,再加上降雪,肯定会在一定程度上抬高菜价。”市价格监测中心相关工作人员分析说,马上进入12月份,寒冷天气将成为常态,不利于蔬菜的生长和储运,这必将进一步影响到菜价。因此,未来一段时间市民菜篮子或难言“轻松”。(宋莹莹) (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

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