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Law enforcement in the camera, why so difficult? The day before the online heat transfer "police slapped the parties involved in the accident and knocked his mobile phone to their video" video, 27, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Control Department Administrative micro-blog reported that on the evening of 26 when Gao Yunliang police stopped performing their duties, to be dealt with after further investigation and verification. Just a week ago, reporters have also been reported to be suspected of water pollution by the environmental protection agency officials to grab the phone event. Grab the mobile phone "was" knocked out, mobile phone "event, that is too much to learn lessons. A month ago, the Ministry of public security in the national public security organs to regulate law enforcement video demonstration training clear police to be accustomed to law enforcement in the lens". There Carter, side knowingly violate. Look on the incident, because the "confirmation" and "signature" order, staged a scene out of mobile phone, should not be too: in accordance with the "road traffic law" and "seventy-third road traffic accident handling procedures" article forty-eighth, accident handling shall be made by the police were served, and inform the parties to the traffic administrative department of the public security organ for review, mediation and file a civil lawsuit directly to the people’s court, the right time. Let the parties look at the book, or how long, there is no need to rush to sign". In order to make a "reminder sign" off mobile phone is not allowed to shoot things, indicating that some law enforcement from the "custom in the lens of law enforcement" occupation attainment is far worse, the latter is the minimum requirement, uphold the restraining power restraint.相关的主题文章:

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