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Since the music only V3S with action to pay tribute to the classic 2016 low-speed electric car in October, low-speed electric car car market officially entered the season, mini network commentator onion brother found that the emerging Internet brand of music under the V3S Weiqi recently in the market set off a wave of new wave, the car is called " consumer familiarity; big shoes, " and create a single day sales of over 300 units on the performance of music as a mini car! Only recruits a new car to get listed at the beginning of this honor, which in the low-speed electric car industry development is the first time in the history! This is exactly what a low-speed electric car, can cause so big echo? Brother feedback the onion the discovery, in addition to the model itself of the price advantage, the car also inherited a number of classic design of the automobile industry, in the eyes of consumers, it has not only Is a means of transport, but also carries a deep inner feelings for many people a classic. From the guardian of a person to protect a home, ineway big shoes again aroused the memories of an era! From one guard to protect a home, Le V3S only really found a perfect fit between big shoes and electric vehicles. Big head shoes are mainly used in the army in the early days, especially in cold areas, the skin of the shoes is generally turned over the leather, the inner layer is pure sheepskin, winter wear very warm. In 80s, can have a pair of big head shoes is how many people look forward to the most happy moments, but also how many people have a dream. In fact, the bulk of shoes to more people and to those who miss green years ago, that’s full of passion and warmth, fixed in the memory of many people, yellow old photos, indelible feelings! Behind people like big shoes, the deeper is that when the generation of desire for convenient travel in rural areas, and the three or four line of the city, all travel are basically two rounds, encounter special weather, only the rain went on, not only convenient, but not safe. The appearance of the four wheeled vehicle has changed the disadvantages of the traditional travel mode. Adhering to the guardian of a person from the big shoes, to the guardian of a family car changes, Lok will introduce this classic feelings of electric vehicles. The launch of the big head shoe models using a monocoque body, the biggest feature is solid and durable, safe and stable braking system, braking performance, large internal space, either flat road or the rugged path, through has excellent performances. A music only head shoe, bring the guardian family travel, rain for the whole family, old and young wind, no worries. There is a spread in the old people mouth saying: " feet not shoes, the poor half " in hard times, a pair of big shoes, warm feet is not only, still have dreams. Big shoes to witness a generation of sincerity, the spirit of hard work, today, wearing a pair of big shoes, not only stylish and comfortable, can arouse our hearts warm feelings. Therefore, in the current industry standard, small workshops mixed situation, as the industry leader, ineway inherit and carry forward the big shoes of quality and spirit, to be responsible for every customer’s attitude, into every aspect of production, for!相关的主题文章:

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