Leica what Moto officially released the Hasselblad camera module drop dead diva

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Leica what? Moto officially released the Hasselblad camera module in mobile phone industry, cross-border cooperation, the brand and the day the ancient It is often seen., NOKIA and Carle Zeiss, after LG and Schneider HUAWEI also recently journeying together, with Leica and Lenovo ownership tangled, Moto has successfully crossed the brand image Hasselblad, held in the day before the IFA2016 conference, Moto released the long rumored Hasselblad camera module, priced at $299, it has also become Moto Z accessories, functional modules of the highest price. Hasselblad camera module is almost a complete digital camera, it is equipped with a 12 million pixel 12.3 inch sensor, ISO100-3200 seconds, equivalent 25-250mm (optical zoom lens aperture is f 3.5-F 6.5), with independent xenon flash. Hasselblad camera module support FHD resolution video shooting, equipped with dual microphone, independent physical shutter button and zoom button, 145g. As with other modules, Hasselblad camera module connected with Moto interface by friction magnetic Z family products, but it is worth mentioning is that it does not have a built-in battery, which means that the use of mobile phone camera module completely by the internal power supply, think of Moto Z itself 2600mAh battery, if open, will undoubtedly cause disaster the blow. In addition, Moto also brings a new Moto Z Play on the Moto Z Play Z positioning slightly lower than the Moto, although the fuselage design will continue the same metal frame, but the thickness of the fuselage to reach 7mm. It is equipped with 5.5 inches FHD resolution AMOLED screen, the processor also dropped to Qualcomm Xiaolong 625, Moto 3GB RAM+32GB ROM combination, support MicroSD card expansion. Moto Z Play uses a front 5 million rear rear 16 million pixel laser autofocus camera combination, and are equipped with LED flash. The battery capacity of the machine is 3510mAh, also supports all the current magnetic friction module, running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system.相关的主题文章:

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