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Letinous edodes Mashed Potato meat – Sohu baby baby does not eat potatoes? You may be wrong Mashed Potato itself is not what taste so hard to please baby favor but if the thicken soup collocation will change the attitude of the baby Mashed Potato today that letinous edodes Mashed Potato super rice meat meat collocation and rich nutrition is simply Mashed Potato circles a debris flow to ensure that the baby rush to eat recipe: potato 200g, pig tenderloin 50g, letinous edodes 35g, carrot 30g, starch 5g seasoning: soy sauce, stir fried cooking methods: reference month: 18 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * 1 ingredients: potatoes to practice 200g, pig tenderloin 50g, letinous edodes 35g, carrot 30g, starch 5G. PS: you can also choose to add a little pepper to the baby, it will taste better, color is more colorful oh! 2 wash potatoes peeled and cut into thin slices. PS: if you want to give your baby to add vitamin C and potassium, potatoes is a very good choice. The vitamin C in potatoes is protected by starch, which is less damaged when heated. In addition, every 100 grams of potatoes contain potassium of 342 grams, which is also a leader in vegetables. 3 potato chips will be steamed into the steamer. 4 pig tenderloin after wash, chop into minced meat. PS: pig meat is rich in high quality protein, fat, vitamins, etc., and the meat is tender, easy to digest baby. In the tenderloin, you must first remove even the meat on the ribs and film, otherwise the baby to eat after chewing is not good. 5 carrot slices, after the water is boiled in a pot for 1 minutes. 6 carrot slices boiled fishfood dice. 7 after the water is boiled in letinous edodes for 5 minutes. 8 letinous edodes chopped boiled. PS: letinous edodes is a kind of high protein, low fat, rich in vitamin B, amino acids and vitamins to the baby when edible fungus dishes must be chopped. 9 all ingredients are prepared, respectively. 10 steamed potatoes, with a spoon Daocheng Mashed Potato. PS: mashed potatoes, we must take advantage of the hot Oh, otherwise it will not be cold after the ramming. 11 mashed potatoes into the mold, while the side compaction. PS: if there is no mold at home, you can use hand into a small ball, or mashed potatoes directly into the shape of a hill. 12 slowly picked up the mold, mashed potatoes on the formation of the! PS: have time to remind his mother making Mashed Potato to seize the time, otherwise easy to letinous edodes cool minced meat juice. 13 starch add a little water, stir evenly. 15 heat the pan pour a little oil, then add ginger and garlic, stir fry the fish. 16 add minced meat and stir fry over low heat until the color white. PS: right相关的主题文章:

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