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Li Anwei: I do interviews burst gold film easily, talent Ang Lee first micro interview Click to enter the micro interview review of > > > > > > Sina entertainment news director Ang Lee’s "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder is slated for a November 11th release today, the micro interviews, and micro-blog users to answer some disputes and problems of new movie, this is Ang Lee director for the first time in the form of fans, and friends exchange. The interview lasted an hour, Ang Lee sincerely answered netizens on the "new 120 frame" and "Chinese style will not be on the barriers and other issues, said the new technology" is not only the objective sense of involvement, viewing narrative, subjective sense of participation, the audience is relatively fresh "problem. In the interview, Ang Lee also broke a lot of humorous verse, not only want to advise young people to enter the film industry "it is best not to get", also said the main criteria for a new election is "like his temperament and character". The face of Ang Lee, director of the first micro interview, fans, netizens have expressed great enthusiasm, have thrown them to the upcoming release of the new film, "the battle of the midfield of the Billy," the curious. According to the "new technology", he said the film is "subjectively, Billy Lynn entered the inner view with the audience hitherto unknown technology, the content of the social war, in his view, the new visual method and new media is very worthy of development." The film is about a young man who lost his innocence and experienced his psychological growth". He said that the technology and content of the film is not conflict, it should be a combination of. As for how to appreciate the new technology Ang Lee 120 movie, he gives the suggestion to the open heart, allow yourself into a new world, just don’t worry. He also admitted that this new technology is not only an objective view of the story, there are subjective participation officer, the audience is more fresh, I would like to start some people like, but also some people are not used to." But he is not worried about the war theme of the film will be a barrier to the Chinese audience, I think there is, I think this is a common human nature, said the Chinese have a sense of freshness." He responded that in the interview, "if there is" youth Pi ", this movie is asked in addition to heaven". At present, only a few domestic cinema can support 120 new frame projection technology, "said Ang Lee can only hope that the theatre can put a little longer, so as to meet the needs of the audience to see more, on the other hand, he also recommended the 3D version will be another story. To explore a lot of new Ang Lee in the movie the same bold rookie actor Joe Alwyn as an actor, when asked what love the new style and quality, "said Ang Lee naughty, I most like temperament and character!" Joe Alwyn also praised the "I saw the top talent, top talent for acting, very handsome, and very lovingly pathetic to get the audience’s empathy." Some young people who love movies also take advantage of the opportunity to interview Ang Lee micro advice on how to start making movies, but did not expect the director相关的主题文章:

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